TV-MA | 20 June 2018 (USA)
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    Just what I expected

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    Just perfect...

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    A waste of 90 minutes of my life

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    I wanted to like it more than I actually did... But much of the humor totally escaped me and I walked out only mildly impressed.

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    Best show on TV. I look forward to Wednesday nights. Keep 'me coming!

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    We Are talking Scripts that Address the Real Scene of Money and Conflict of the Economic forces of People and the Lives of the Duttons. Kevin Costner Kicks Ass on his Part as John Dutton the Widower in these Scenes. Performing as a Will to Support his Family and Doing it what ever needs to keep them Going.Kelly Reilly bring a Fitting finesse to the Scenes with her Alcoholic Disease and broken Life to Extravaganza in her Shark Senses of Dealing With Others when it Comes to Whom should Be on Top... She Wanders Sexually as a Tid Bit of Delight making her male Counter parts just look Like They Don't cut the Bill. the Locations are Delightful With Wes Bently stretching forward to control power where ever he Can...This Film Production should easily Rival "Walking Dead" in Ratings it just isn't being seen by the Right Viewers!the Script Writing is good the Director of Photography has Great Scene Locations. Cowboys Prisons "Prison Break" And the "Yellowstone Brand"Kevin Costner Brings it From Dances With Wolves, Waterworld & The Postman Kelly Reilly Bring it with a Step up of Scandle From Sherlock Holmes. WeS Bently Brings it With Hunger Games and Ghost Rider, It is Like Mission Impossible as the Sweat and Scandle BuildTune in and Record "Yellowstone" The Modern Cowboys with Chasing Money and The Environment, and a Indian Gaming Casino... Camera Rolling.... Sound Rolling..... Action

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    Started off great and loved the story line. Perfect role for Kostner bt truth be told hard to stay interested when none of the characters are likeable.Just dont see anything or anyone in characters that makes you want to keep watching. Still watching for Kostner honestly ...

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    I really like the actors in this series. However the story is getting to be a bit much. Way too many people dying, seems gratuitous. Really the two guys raping the girl could have been handled differently. The suicide could have been just her parents swooping in to take her and the family away following all the hardship. And the latest 2 tourist, totally un-necessary. It needs more depth, less death.

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