Kyle XY
Kyle XY
TV-14 | 26 June 2006 (USA)
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    Too many fans seem to be blown away

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    Plenty to Like, Plenty to Dislike

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    best movie i've ever seen.

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    As Good As It Gets

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    My teenage son could not get enough of this show, which is what had me decide to watch it- so that would be two positive ratings. The show has several story threads: sci fi adventure with an evil cabal, high school drama and family dynamics. They weave together to hit all the entertainment buttons. Kyle, the brilliant fish out of water, is played perfectly by Matt Dallas who manages an endearing innocence as he discovers his powers, how life works, and the secrets of his past. He gives a non-judgmental Buddha-like narration, but his character is by no means emotionless. One of the strongest relationships in the show is the mother/son relationship between Nicole and Kyle which is convincing enough to make this mom tear up. The teenage themes are universal, so probably expected, but when seen through Kyle's eyes they are fresh and entertaining. I was most impressed by the emotional maturity that the characters brought to the resolutions of their situations. Some reviewers found that unrealistic, but I found it refreshing and extremely satisfying. Character development unfolds over the course of the series as new life experiences bring the characters new choices and growth opportunities. Younger brother, Josh, provides most of the comic relief and also shows great growth as a character and great acting from Jean-Luc Bilodeau in spanning the emotional arc. While this review may sound a bit clinical, it was actually fun, action filled, heart-felt and funny. What's not to like? (except ending the series midseason with a cliffhanger!)

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    Kyle XY is a great show, even though the parenting shown in this show is certainly not "family" like. Kyle is a great kid, and and generally behaves like all parents wish their kids would behave. But, the other two? Sex in their teens, drugs, and the parents are WAAAAY too lenient on them, IMO. I would be careful letting young teens watch this, unless of course, this is how you parent.The reason I give the show 1 isn't due to the shows content, but the people who made it. This show is quite good, and entertaining, but its liking watching a very long movie that gets cut off halfway through, never to know the ending. Once I realized the show was canceled with a cliffhanger, I stopped watching it.Boycott networks that end shows with cliffhangers, then cancel.

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    I enjoyed this series a lot. I kind of forgot about it once Secret Life came on. I never watched Secret Life, I thought that show was stupid. I never got to finish the seasons because I got busy with other stuff. Anyways, I loved this series. I found it on YouTube later and wondered why it was canceled. There was such chemistry between Kyle and Jessi. I liked Kylanda at first. I thought they had great chemistry, they way she still talked to him even though at first he came into her house and had an announced friend show up at the pool. Wink wink. then I realized that Kylassi were really meant to be. I liked the plot, it was great, at times, I do wish there was more sci-fi and less drama. Secret life should've never taken over, I guess people are dumb enough to go for that teen pregnancy drama. They have 5.1/10 rating on here while Kyle XY has a 7.4/10 rating.

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    The show is about a teenager with a mysterious past slowly revealed. There are many episodes revealing some of his more interesting gifts. The series starts off very much like the show "John Doe" from fox a few years before. Mix in a little bit of "The Pretender", and you have this show. It's loosely narrated by Kyle himself and gives us a glimpse of what he's experiencing. The show hints that he's experiencing many things for the very first time and what that is like for Kyle.Kyle's character is of course the main focus and is well acted. Including the narration. The first few episodes are especially well done in these areas. Where the show lacks are the other actors and the silly unbelievable situations Kyle gets into. As an example, Kyle is in a high school and out of all the rooms in a large building to wander into, he just randomly wanders into a class where there is a "complex" problem to solve and of course solves it. I suppose it's for character building, however, seriously? Most of the series puts Kyle in "The Pretender" like scenarios, where he does something "amazing", but not surprising to the viewer. It's like those other shows/movies where some lead character say's something like "I've got this impossible problem to solve..." and 5 seconds later, in walks Kyle. Gee. What's going to happen? Oh. Hmm. Kyle solved it again. Who would have guessed?The other characters are 2 dimensional and unbelievable. The interaction is just off and never really works. It's like watching a bad Brady Bunch episode where everything always works out between the family and nobody really truly gets mad. The kids are practically abandoned by the parents cause of all the focus on Kyle. Yet everyone seems OK with this. A couple of times this is made into an issue, but is resolved in basically the same scene it's brought up in. And again.. everything just goes on like nothing is wrong.Overall, the show has an interesting plot to it. It's a little bit more believable than the direction John Doe went, which this series is kind of a knock off of. It's draw backs are the flat 2nd string characters and predictable episodes.

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