TV-14 | 02 April 1978 (USA)
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    Such a frustrating disappointment

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    Fanciful, disturbing, and wildly original, it announces the arrival of a fresh, bold voice in American cinema.

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    Aneesa Wardle

    The story, direction, characters, and writing/dialogue is akin to taking a tranquilizer shot to the neck, but everything else was so well done.

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    The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.

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    Love to see it its fantastics. great well not seen this but listen too much about it from many people.

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    to see Dallas for an East European is always a strange experience. under the Communist regime, it was a fairy tale. under the democratic regime - a promise. but, always, in a strange way, more than fiction. because Larry Hagman creates a spectacular bad guy, splendid mixture between Shere Khan and Darth Vader. because it has the gift to be more than one of many soap opera from the same period but a phenomenon. because, its spectacular longevity transforms the viewer in part of story. sure, all is a fiction . but the dose of reality is right for discover the trace of series in every day life. it has the right story and the right actors. this is its success roots. and the seal for a period looking the perfect story for understand the reality escaping from it.

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    ''Dallas'' is the greatest series ever, #2 is ''Knots Landing'', #3 is ''Dynasty'' and #4 is ''Dynasty II: The Colby's''. The series stars out with newly wedded couple Pam and Bobby Ewing returning to Texas state after eloping to New Orleans. Naturally, Bobby's family and her's, the Barnes's, don't exactly see eye to eye on everything. Leave that to Bobby's conniving 14 year's older brother J.R. Ewing. With Pam being the only innocent goldfish in a tank of vicious piranha-like Ewing's. She's gonna have to show and prove to them all that she can be just as tough and as determined as them all, and that she is here to stay at SouthFork for good. Each season of the show added more spice and zest to it with more and more character's along with that catchy and well-known theme music, courtesy of Jerrold Immel. ''Dallas'' shaped the TV Schedules of today, and introduced us to many character's and faces such as: Miss Ellie Ewing, played by Barbara Bel Geddes/Donna Reeed: The Matriarch of the powerful Ewings, Jock Ewing I played by Jim Davis: The father of Ray, Bobby, J.R. II, and Gary, Bobby James Ewing played by Patrick Duffy: the goody-two-shoes Ewing brother, Larry Hagman as J.R. Ewing II: the shows major bad guy, Victoria Principal Glassman/ Margaret Michales as Pam Ewing: the sweetheart wife of Bobby, Charlene Tilton as Lucy Cooper: the spoiled brat daughter of Gary and Val, Linda Gray as Sue Ellen Ewing: the alcoholic ex wife of J.R., Steve Kanaly as Husky ranch foreman Ray Krebbs Ewing: The illegitimate child of Jock, Ken Kercheval as Cliff Barnes: the brother of Pam, Susan Howard as Donna Krebbs Ewing:politician wife of Ray, Howard Keel as Clayton Farlow: second husband of Miss Ellie, Morgan Fairchild/Francine Tacker and Priscilla Beaulieu Presley as Jenna Wade: childhood honey of Bobby, Dack Rambo as Jack Ewing: Bobby-like cousin of the Ewing's, Sheree J. Wilson as April Ewing: Jack's ex-wife, Bobby's second wife, Kimberly Foster as Michelle Beaumont: sister of April, George Kennedy as Mack: Ewings enemy, Cathy Podewell as Cally Ewing: second wife of J.R., Sasha Mitchell as James Beaumont Ewing: J.R.'s illegitimate son, Lesley Anne Down as Stephanie Rogers: P.R. woman of J.R., Barbara Stock as Heather/Liz Adams: love of Cliff's life is final season, Colleen Camp/Mary Crosby as Kristin Farraday: Sue Ellen's baby sister, Joel Grey as Adam: J.R.'s guardian Angel, George Chakiris/Jack Scalia as Nicholas: Sue Ellen's toy-boy in season 10, David Ackroyd/Ted Shackelford as Gary: Lucy's father, Joan VanArk as Val Ewing: Lucy's mother, Rosalind Allen as Annie Ewing/Julia Cunningham: Bobby's love interest in 1996, Eric Farlow/Joshua Harris/Christopher Demetral as Christopher Ewing: Kristin's real son, fostered by Pam then Bobby, Tyler Banks/Omri Katz as John Ross III: Sue Ellen's love child of her, Cliff and J.R., Jenna Pangburn/Deborah Kellner as Pamela Cooper: Cliff's illegitimate daughter, Audrey Landers as Afton Van Buren: Cliff's one-time lover, Tracy Scoggins as Diane Kelley/Anita Smithfield: one of J.R.'s many mistresses, Michelle Johnson as Rhonda Cummings/Jennifer Jantzen: another misaddress of J.R.. Series creator: David Michael Jacobs.

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    For the time in which it first aired, Dallas was one of the raciest shows on primetime television. As a child of the 80s, now in my late-20s I grew up watching Dallas, or rather my mother watched it while I was getting ready for bed. However, all these years later, I have to admit I hold a special place in my heart for the show. The actors were amazing, especially since they were television actors, and the story lines were tumultuous enough to be remembered nearly two decades later.Dallas: The Complete Fifth Season was an excellent season to watch because several of the show's main plot lines had already been established. As a viewer, you were well aware of what you would be getting when you turned on the television on Friday nights, and this season was full of shocking moments and unexpected surprises.Right from the start, the ultimate Southfork drama occurs. A body is found in a pool on the Southfork property and J.R Ewing (Larry Hagman) becomes the prime suspect! Of course, all of the Ewing brothers spend the show accusing the others of killing the person, so maybe J.R isn't to blame…this time. J.R. has other things on his plate, which are more important than a dead body. He's battling Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) for their son. Sue Ellen and the boy are living on the Ewing family's rival's ranch, and J.R. wants his son back.Midway into the season, things really heat up when the family patriarch Jock Ewing dies. Let the games begin on the Southfork properties, because while lovely Miss Ellie is grieving, her children will all be fighting for the prestige and money of Ewing Oil. By this point, viewers needed to prepare themselves because there was going to be a knockdown, drag-out fight to the finish – everyone wants their fair share, and a little bit more on the side.Meanwhile, in the midst of all this craziness, Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) and his wife Pamela (Victoria Principal) are both desperate to have a baby. When adoption doesn't go as well as hoped, Bobby does what all Ewings do best, he buys one. Now add in a suicide attempt and the possibility of financial ruin and you have the best of Dallas in one stunning DVD box set.Excellent performances were given by the entire cast, but, as usual, Hagman and Gray stole the show. However, special kudos should go out to Patrick Duffy, who also gave an amazing performance. This box set has everything a true Dallas fan could want. From murder to treasonous behavior, all the elements are represented and they guarantee to please.The big special feature for this season of Dallas offers a tour of the Real Southfork Ranch. This is the ultimate behind-the-scenes look at the ranch the Ewings called home.All in all, Dallas -The Complete Fifth Season is a Dallas-lover's dream. Watching this particular season made it crystal clear why season five was ranked number one in both the U.S. and the U.K. when the it first aired. If you are a fan, you will not want to miss this box set, and if you are not, but you love the serial dramas of today, you might want to give Dallas a try. Nothing on television these days can compare to the drama of the Ewing clan, and honestly, I doubt anything ever will! Star Rating:four and a half starsOriginally Published on Thursday, August 24, 2006 Copyright 2006: Ashtyn Evans and Literary Illusions

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