Six Feet Under
Six Feet Under
TV-MA | 03 June 2001 (USA)
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    hyped garbage

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    Good start, but then it gets ruined

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    Admirable film.

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    It’s sentimental, ridiculously long and only occasionally funny

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    The first episode was a bit slow but I was really excited to start watching this "AMAZING" show. Halfway through the third season I have up. It was going nowhere, their were no deep plot twists or storylines to care about. The most interesting part of the series was seeing how the person was going to die in the first scenes.

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    I have seen all major TV series: Sopranos, Wire, Breaking Bad, Games of Thrones, Mad Men, Downton Abbey etc etc etc.. and this is the best show of them all without hesitation. This is an excellent drama about relationships, family, life and death. After having watched this series you will be a slightly different and better person. Don't miss this great opportunity! Don't be held back that this is an older series, invest your time and you will be greatly rewarded for doing so.Everything else about this series has been said in the reviews below. This is my first review on IMDB and I just felt I needed to post one after having watched this series, and hopefully bring some more attention to this fantastic masterpiece.Put this on the top of your list and start watching asap !

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    Such an amazing TV series! Never have I seen such a simple TV series that still manages to engage you so much. I get it that this is not for everyone, and it may be a bit slow when you just start watch it. But the more episodes you see, the more obsessed you become. And the finale, well you won't be disappointed I can assure you. It's actually nothing special with the finale other than how it's executed. I can guarantee you that one or more episodes will make you cry, maybe it's because that this is a very real series and it's something that almost everyone can relate to. Anyway, you should see all the 63 episodes of death, drugs, sex and family as soon as possible!

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    HBO has one so many great projects. From comedy to drama, documentaries etc. and yet I still believe this is the best thing they have ever produced. That doesn't mean that what they are making currently isn't of excellent quality, it just speaks of the rarified air that this series touches and manages to stay aloft in. It's about a family run funeral home which may sound depressing or sad, and it can be at times.Yet the bright side of life can also be seen, the funny side, the curious side and all the other sides of life we experience. Six Feet Under is amazing, inspiring, tragic and deep and it's just something you should watch for yourself because it will bring you joy and I truly believe that. Beautifully crafted television, beautiful work of art.

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