TV-PG | 22 March 1995 (USA)

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    Excellent, Without a doubt!!

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    A lot of fun.

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    After playing with our expectations, this turns out to be a very different sort of film.

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    George Taylor

    This show, about jumping between realities could have been great, but it wasn't. Quite simply, it took a great premise and never went far enough. They always played it safe, which for me, ruined the show.

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    After discovering this series again I made it my mission to revisit the glorious sci-fi adventure that I remembered from when I was a teenager. I only saw the first season and a half when it first aired so I was curious as to how the show would develop as well as how well it stands the test of time.I'm afraid I'll have to break this review into two parts which is Seasons 1-3 and post season 3.The acting is all round very good. Jerry O' Connell makes a likable lead although his characters boy genius skills don't seem to be used much. Sabrina Lloyd is fine as cute eye candy but there are episodes where the girl really does show she is not a pretty face by turning i some very convincing alter ego performances that you would swear are different people. Cleavant Derreks' 'Crying Man' is a wonderful character who is both likable and fun to watch. He's not comic relief by any means but you do smile when he is in action.The wonderful John Rhys-Davis shines as usual as Professor Arturo. It's hard to go wrong with Rhys Davis, he is a superb actor and thoroughly convincing in everything he does. My only gripe is that I didn't really like the character he was playing. The arrogant hot headed, sometimes spiteful and jealous Arturo just isn't a character that you grow to love although he is at heart a good person and this shows but I would much rather he'd have been a gentle and kind fatherly figure (maybe more like Brian Blessed's Professor Atticus) rather than the bad tempered oaf that he is written as. Either way Rhys Davis plays the role amazingly and it's great to see he is handy in a fight!Season 1 is by far the strongest! Some innovative ideas and scenarios coupled with some easy to understand but still very interesting science. The seasons do deteriorate as they progress but seasons 2 and 3 still have some very good ideas and are most certainly worth watching. Unfortunately after this the show takes, I wouldn't say a nosedive but a less intelligent approach. Gone are the gentle thinking episodes of exploration and in comes bang, bang no-think action which all but drains the essence of the show.They are certainly not bad seasons but with the thinking gone and one by one the cast members disappearing then it's hard to say that the show really has held on to it's true spirit.There are other annoyances though. More than one reference is made to America the great and the most powerful country in the world (not great for an internationally aired show) and some of the stereotypes and treatment of these for me bordered on the xenophobic. The writers must really love their stars and stripes and it's easy to see why John Rhys-Davis, a proud Welshman playing an Englishman would have maybe felt uncomfortable, especially as his character is the butt of most of the jokes in the show.Sliders was and still is a really innovative and original take on the sci-fi adventure. The show's premise was intelligent not only in concept but the fact that locations and characters could be re-used and perfectly tie in with the story.The first season alone is worth checking out and beyond that there is still much to enjoy, just be prepared for changes later on.

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    What if has always been something that has crossed our minds every once in a while. If we ever went one direction or made a different decision at some point in time. This is a sci-fi gem that I feel is a bit underrated and became a little forgotten as it slid though the cracks of time.The premise I think is a really cool idea. Instead of time travel it's going though alternate worlds, which isn't anything really new but this show I feel is one of the ones that does it right. It definitely predates "Fringe" which also tackled the concept, however that show was more on a serious and darker basis. This show is more light pulp sci-fi fun, it has an intelligent premise but it has fun with it.I really like the production value despite modest budget it was used well to create the fascinating worlds. It's true some effects mainly the CGI is a bit dated but really were in it for the worlds the characters go though. But were really in it for the adventure and most of the worlds they go to are a lot of fun but most importantly diverse. In a way gives the adventures a multifaceted where they don't just focus on one sub genre of sci-fi but others like Alien Invasion, Post Apocalipse, Time Travel, you name it. I also feel that in each of the world some of them hold a plausibility when they went the wrong direction which makes me glad were on our current course as well as suttle satire on our existing subculture; like one of my favorite episodes is the Christmas one where there in a world literally made up of shopping malls.The theme song is pretty solid, it goes at a fast pace so the show isn't boring. I even like the characters my favorite Quinn Mallery (played well by Jerry O Connell in one of the only good roles he's ever had). His character is a geek but isn't a stereotypical one, he is energetic, smart, has charisma, ambitious, despite having the same goal as everyone else, and caring a certain guilt from the fact his invention is playing roulette with the coordinates of different earths, he's still positive and can't help but fascinate about each one traveled. Maximilian Arturo is my second favorite character (played well by an actor I like John Rhys Davies) despite gruff, serious and the mentor of the group, there is a suttle light hearted sensibility to him whether intentional or unintentional. He's got some of the best lines in the show.However this show I feel does have good messages to it; how the choices we make truly have consequences that not just can affect us individually but everything as a whole. But also how one to few individuals can make a difference.The only problem I have with the show is that is slid off course by the fourth and fifth season. They were trying to go a more serious direction which didn't work and get lost on itself when the worlds they slid toward became less interesting, characters either minused or become less interesting versions, as well as some new editions that didn't pan out. Personally they should've stayed on their regular course, kept the key character, and have them triumph at the end, sadly that didn't happen.This is another show that I feel could use a revival as long as it maintains the right course. Overall "Sliders" is an adventure worth a slide.Rating: 3 stars

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    I should be a science fiction fan and I should like this show. But I don't. This show could have been much better than it actually became. There are some problems with realization. I know that most sci-fi isn't realistic, but they really shouldn't have run into their doubles as much as they did in worlds where history has taken too big a change in timelines. But that's not all the problems I've had with the show. I don't want to tell you all about them as I have much better things to do with my life. But you may think this review is a piece of crap and I respect your opinion. To me, the show just seemed too low budget to be any good and there are episodes that should never have been made. I can't give you all the details, but for me, at least, you shouldn't bother with this show.

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