TV-PG | 05 March 1994 (USA)
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    Yawn. Poorly Filmed Snooze Fest.

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    Best movie of this year hands down!

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    Absolutely Brilliant!

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    This is a tender, generous movie that likes its characters and presents them as real people, full of flaws and strengths.

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    Rated TV-14 for Sexual Content and Language.I remembered hearing about this show back in 1998 when it used to play on the channel Teletoon.I didn't watch it then but now, it plays on the channel, Razer.I have seen about four episodes of this show and I must say, it is fairly intelligent and funny.The show stars Jason Alexander of Seinfeld fame and also Tim Curry of Rocky Horror Picture Show and It fame.The show is about a duck who is a police officer.He basically does his job as a policeman, while coping with personal problems.This show is fairly funny at times and fans of animated-comedy will like this.

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    Christopher Smith

    In this offbeat, yet incredible enjoyable primetime cartoon [which aired from 1994 to 1997] Jason Alexander voiced a private eye [who was a duck] that solved a different case every episode with his partner Cornfed [who was a pig]. This was a hilarious show. I would watch it on the USA Network all the time. It was full of iconoclasm, sarcastic comments on modern life, crude humor, and bits of social satire. One of the many running gags [and also one of the funniest] on the show he fact that all Grandma did was sit in her chair and fart. Sure, it was gross, but it was also incredibly funny. I was sad when the show was canceled and hopefully some time soon the USA Network will bring it back.

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    This show was so wonderful. The cynical, half-deranged title character is too funny for words. The throwbacks on society are not only funny, but oh so true. I agree with everyone else that this show was one of the best ever made. Watch it on Comedy Central, because I can't explain how funny this show actually is.

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    This was another exceptional cartoon series. Like "The Simpsons" it features a lot of great social satire, but the show is even more bizarre. I actually didn't start watching with any kind of frequency until after they stop making new episodes, but soon fell in love with it. Fortunately the old episodes are still on the air.

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