The Drew Carey Show
The Drew Carey Show
TV-PG | 13 September 1995 (USA)

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    Great Film overall

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    Good story, Not enough for a whole film

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    In truth, there is barely enough story here to make a film.

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    Mathilde the Guild

    Although I seem to have had higher expectations than I thought, the movie is super entertaining.

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    First clicking onto this show in late 2007, wow! what I had been missing in comedy world. I love Drew Carey in this, basically adding a few notches up to his character of.... Drew Carey. He works as personnel in one of these top floors at a department store. Lewis cracks me up, as the no hoper with women, larrikin character. Oswald is something of a laugh too, if an oddity as Lewis's best friend. He reminds me of someone I went to high school with. Mimi, Drew's nemeses with that loud blue eye shadow, spouting that famous three letter word that's constantly projected at Drew, is another quirky character, who deep down, really has the hots for Drew I'm sure. Drew, quick witted genius he is, is good as dishing it back at her. We have the pretty Kate, Lewis brother who falls for Oswald and Drew. What a strange world. But the real acting force is Craig Ferguson who does us one solid, as Carey's boss, Mr Wick, who's firing of people is a daily occurrence, as much as it is a warmth of satisfaction. Ferguson, off camera, has proved to be more quick witted than Carey as judged by his late night show, which for me, replaced Letterman as my favorite host show. I fell in love with this show, and I could of smashed my head against the wall many times, for not watching it, when it first came out. I suggest you watch this comedy classic too.... "Yeah pig." Footnote: On the top of my head, I loved all of the opening themes, where they used 4-5 different, that were very original. A truly memorable show, that surely won't die for ages.

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    I voted 10 on this, and I really mean it.I have been a fan of Whose Line is it Anyway (both UK and US) for a long time, and in the process of watching the US version I came to really like Drew Carey (not to mention Ryan Stiles). He's just so damn likable. I never watched the sitcom while it was new (except for the odd one here and there, and I did like it then, too), so I decided to give it a try from the start. I am just now starting on season 5, and I have to say it has only gotten better each season.I don't know if this was by design, but by embracing surreality from the start, yet still using basically realistic plots and believable and likable characters (even Mimi, in her own way), they hit on a winning formula. Its greatest strength is that it was immune from the "ridiculous, over-the-top, completely absurd story" syndrome, which many shows suffer from when they begin to run out of ideas (see Seinfeld), so they were able to keep it fresh for a long time. They knew how to get silly without being stupid, because it was so genuinely creative (again, see Seinfeld's last season or two, ugh).Also, the occasional dance numbers they did (both opening titles and in-show numbers) are just the neatest things, and a good example of how it can be surreal without being stupid and irrelevant. Quite the contrary, it's genius (and great choreography, considering they are not professional dancers).Finally, they have not done it a lot so far, but I love it when the break through the fourth wall. Too many shows have done that so poorly.Now, admittedly, as I said, I am only halfway through the series, and I know it fell out of favor with some people toward the end. I hope I will not be one of them. Perhaps I will post another comment when I'm finished watching, regardless of what my final opinion is.If you have never seen this show or only caught one here and there and are interested in giving it an honest try, I *strongly* recommend you start from the pilot and watch in order. Very few episodes are completely self-contained, another thing I appreciate in a sitcom. Also, don't give up if season one doesn't hook you, go at least halfway through season 2 before you pass judgment (you'll see what I mean if you watch it.P.S. - I can hardly wait to get to the live episodes!

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    The Drew Carey Show went off to a strong start in 1995 and kept getting funnier and funnier until it started to run dry right around 2000. Up until 1999, there was no funnier show on TV. PERIOD. The brilliance and wit of this show were criminally underrated. Yes, it was popular from the beginning but its popularity waned down until the show was forced to cancellation.Very few shows were able to compete with the genius of this show. I'd say Frasier was the most powerful competitor (along with 3rd Rock from the Sun in its first two years), but at the end of the day, the Drew Carey Show came ahead. Friends was funny and consistently well-written. Seinfeld had quite a few brilliant Larry David moments (and Jerry's usual hilarious comedic banter). But not one show in my opinion ever came close to the Drew Carey Show's constant rapid-fire succession of killer lines and situations. Line after line after line, this show had some of the wittiest, funniest, cleverest, most brilliant content EVER. The show was just way ahead of its time. Where does one start with this show? I'd say with the characters. This is a heavily character-driven show. Let's see:Drew Carey (played by Drew Carey): lovable, overweight and in a rut. Those sum the poor man's life. He's been in the same stinkin' job for over a decade. To give you an idea how bad it is for him, his position is "assistant director of personnel", but there *is* no director of personnel, so had the job of both but without the perks or paycheck of the director. He has a hellish co-worker (Mimi) whose non-stop pranks, schemes and put-downs never seem to take a break, not even when she's pregnant or nursing her child. Drew deals with his life with laughing and making jokes, sometimes at his own expense. It's what gets him through life (oh yeah, and beer - lots and lots of beer). That and his friends. He does badly on relationships, but he doesn't quit, giving us endless joy and laughter in one trainwreck of a relationship after another. You can't help but love Drew. Something feels so homey and close about him.Lewis Kinisky (played by Ryan Stiles): tall, thin and creepy. Lewis works in a shady drug company with a history of questionable practices and suspicious experiments. But, he doesn't care one bit. Why should he? He's 40, still single and still a janitor. He's got nothing to lose. So he's pretty trusted there, shifting up from his janitorial position at times and then demoted back because he screws it up somehow (he's not the smartest janitor out there). Ryan Stiles is absolutely hilarious in this part. An improvisation master, he had a cult following among the fans especially because of his improvisational comedy abilities on the British "Who's Line Is it Anyway?". Presumably, many of his lines on the show are also improvised.Kate O'Brien (played by Christa Miller): she's the cold-blooded witch from Scrubs (Dr. Cox' ex-wife), but here she's just adorable. She's cute, she's funny, she's the second of Drew's close friends. Oh yeah, she's kind of a slut too. Absolutely shameless when it comes to sex and masturbation, she's quite liberated from society's judgments. She just doesn't care.Oswald Lee Harvey (played by the supremely-versatile Deidrich Bader): the third of Drew's friends, he's Lewis' best buddy and arguably one of the dumbest people to ever appear on a TV show. Played to perfection by Deidrich, very rarely has dim wit and stupidity been played this good on TV. Let's see, Gob from Arrested Development, Bridget from 8 Simple Rules, Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, I'd say those five are on anyone's short list for "funniest dumb characters in TV history". This character is absolutely hysterical. Mimi Bobeck (played by Kathy Kinny): a nightmare on feet, she's Drew's arch nemesis in the office (and often times in real life). She puts him down endlessly about everything, she hatches evil plans all the time, she made him the victim of countless pranks, her mission in life is to ruin his. She was never intended to be a recurring character, but thanks (many thanks) to popular feedback from the audience, she was kept.Nigel Wick (played by Craig Ferguson): Drew's English boss. He's my favorite character on the show. Played to extreme comedic heights by Ferguson (who's Scottish), you'll be amazed how well he gets the English accent. Compare his English accent to Americans doing the accent. God, so embarrassing. Craig gave me the surprise of a lifetime when he spoke his true Scottish accent one time. I was shocked. I could've sworn he was 100% English. Wick constantly ruins Drew's life, albeit not always on purpose. He's cold-hearted, selfish, self-centered, he's the epitome of the Machiavellian approach. Every line is a classic. Every scene is hysterity. One of the main reasons I watched this show.The show only kept getting better until 2000, then it started to go downhill, unfortunately. Drew lost his trademark (and funny) weight, the comedians lost some of their glare, bizarre - and utterly disgusting at times - plots were hatched (the low point being the very old gay couple living with Drew, describing some "intimacies" that include waxing each other, ugh), and very sadly, the show was not what it once was. But from 1995 to 1999, there was arguably no funnier show on TV, not even Seinfeld. Sure, it was more popular, but by no means better. The Drew Carey Show blew Seinfeld out of the water. Now we just have a sad and fond memory of a brutally funny and well-written show that is no more.

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    I was a big fan of the show when it was on, and I've been watching a lot of the episodes again in syndication. Drew Carey was always a funny stand up. The cast was great...Ryan Stiles and Diedrich Baker are two very underrated guys in playing comedy, and Craig Ferguson was always fun to watch.Maybe the show ran its course and it was smart for Drew to close it out on a high note, and wrap the series up nicely with a final episode, but I can't help but think that ABC killed this show.The show was a staple of the network for so many years, and it finally began to slip in the ratings a little and ABC got worried to quickly and juggled it around to a bunch of different time slots. Add that with the reality TV craze, and a show like the Drew Carey Show which I think cost quite a bit to produce became obsolete very quickly.That's a nice thank you after the show and the show's main actor did a lot to help the network.A lot of people peg Christa Miller leaving the show as the down turn. I don't think so. Cynthia Watros was did a decent job for having to come in 7 years into a series and take over the lead actress role. The series was still funny and could have been had ABC left it alone.Sadly, the final season was run completely out of order with large gaps in between air time which made it nearly impossible to keep track of.Hopefully, they'll release it on DVD to give this very underrated and funny show a proper sendoff.

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