Only Fools and Horses
Only Fools and Horses
| 08 September 1981 (USA)
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    I like the storyline of this show,it attract me so much

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    Ava-Grace Willis

    Story: It's very simple but honestly that is fine.

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    Portia Hilton

    Blistering performances.

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    The film's masterful storytelling did its job. The message was clear. No need to overdo.

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    With so many episodes, you can't go wrong. Since I was a kid, Only Fools and Horses has been my go-to sitcom. The characters are original and the show has brought out the best that they have to offer.I highly recommend this for people who like a good ol' belly laugh!

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    This is often considered to be Britain's greatest ever sitcom, although Fawlty Towers often is as well. If i'm honest i'd say there was a time when i was a big OFAH fan but these days i'd rather watch the superior One Foot In The Grave over this. That's not to say that i don't think think this is good, i think it can be very very good in parts. But i think its overrated and really its very hit and miss. Series 1 was really not very good, there were a number of boring episodes in that. From Series 2 it got better, but there were always one or two bad episodes in every series, the quality is not consistent.The only Series i can think of where i liked every single episode is Series 6 (and even than the Sickness and Wealth episode didn't need to be as long as it was really) I was surprised that the writer John Sullivan was able to knock out such a superior series as late in the run as that, its fairly unusual for a later series to be so much better than the earlier ones. Unfortunately he couldn't sustain the quality of the longer 50 min episodes over two series, as series 7 returned to the hit and miss that is present in every other series other than Series 6. There were only two episodes i thought sustained the 50 minute length well in Series 7 (the cwying episode and the birth of Damian), the other four were far too long and full of filler (especially The Chance Of A Lunchtime)I kind of like how the series evolves, with them eventually settling down with wives and having kids. This is something a lot of fans do not seem to like at all and they prefer the earlier years with Grandad.But for me i can appreciate the Grandad years and the later years, both are very different but there is no reason not to like both and enjoy both. I think it was good that they grew up and settled down a bit as they got older, i do think perhaps the problem was that the two women playing Cassandra and Raquel were not particularly funny or warm. If they had been funnier then i think people would have warmed to them more.After Series 7 there are a number of Christmas specials that (in my opinion) are really poor and not funny at all. Fatal Extraction is a dull episode particularly and even the 1996 ''final'' episodes could have been done in two parts rather than three. The ''Modern Men;; episode is more like a filler episode, with some editing they could have got that down to two parts/two hours. The last three episodes aired between 2001-2003 shouldn't have been made, although the ''Gary!'' stuff is fairly amusing.Supporting cast are fine but mostly underused and underdeveloped. Trigger is quite amusing but in all honesty the whole ''Dave'' thing is only funny the first few times you see it, after that it wears a bit thin. David Jason of course plays his character very well and so does Nick Lyndhurst.Overall a pleasant series to watch, but overrated and inconsistent quality throughout its run. Best series is Series 6 by far, worst Series 1. There are other sitcoms i think are superior and which i would choose to watch over this (and if i did want to watch it i know that Gold will be playing an episode anytime i fancy it)

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    Well, this sitcom one of the best ever written in the history of television. probably I am not exaggerating if I say, The best. Sullivan's characters really come to life. Viewers feel that they really exist and just live next door to them. This realistic and unsuccessful (because most of them are, in their private lives) characters make the viewers believe even more in the story and can identify themselves pretty much with each and one of them. The main characters are developing throughout the 64 episodes but the side characters are as important in the story as the main ones. They help the story come to life. Each episode deals with different situations. Situations that all of us face during our lives. Some episodes even have more than one (parallel) story lines, that makes it more life-like, not so linear, like what we see in some of today's films (one week story goes from A to B, then it ends). Sullivan put the standards very high with this one. I have not seen any other sitcoms come even close to the quality of Only Fools and Horses. A great British television, a great entertainment, just what we all need.

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    I remember watching about half of the first episode and absolutely hating it. I cannot remember how I got into it later but thank goodness I did. John Sullivan who conceived and wrote this, is nothing less than a genius sitcom writer. The characters are real, fully formed entities whom we care for and feel we know deeply. The sign of great writing is to be able to laugh and cry with and for them and there are lots of occasions when we do both. The episode including Rodney's wedding is a terrific example of this dual ability. David Jason had trundled along making a name for himself in British TV - never a star until he did OFAH and found his Delboy character. Likewise Nicholas Lyndhurst whose Rodney is a marvellous invention. They compliment each other perfectly. All the subsidiary characters add to the comedy and fit the situation beautifully. No-one is wasted and they all make the most of their characters. It bears repeated viewings and gets funnier the more I see it.

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