The Beverly Hillbillies
The Beverly Hillbillies
TV-G | 26 September 1962 (USA)
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    Too much of everything

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    Simply A Masterpiece

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    Good story, Not enough for a whole film

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    One thing about the Clampetts. Even after Jed became fabulously rich and moved from the Piney Woods to Beverly Hills and that big mansion, they never lost their common sense values. At least Buddy Ebsen never did. The others were grounded by him.The Clampetts who moved consisted of mountaineer Jed Clampett, daughter Ellie Mae who had a love for those woods 'critters', her cousin Jethro Bodine well built, but not much between the ears, and Granny most suspicious of newfangled ways.Donna Douglas was Ellie Mae who helped many a man in his youth mature fast with all those incredible curves showing in all those tight clothes she wore. Must have been fashionable in the hills. Max Baer as Jethro throughout the entire run of the show had his jeans held up by a rope. You would think with the Clampett millions he could go to Rodeo Drive and get a belt. Irene Ryan was Granny who could never deal with all those newfangled kitchen appliances.Neighbors to the Clampetts were the Drysdales. Raymond Bailey was Mr. Drysdale in whose bank the Clampett millions resided. They became his biggest depositors and he went to any lengths to invest their money and make them happy. A more unscrupulous man would have seen the opportunities to embezzle and taken them. If nothing else Drysdale was honest. He even got them their mansion.All that responsibility made no difference to Harriet MacGibbon. Mrs. Drysdale was old money from Boston and these hillbillies with no class just revolted her sense of propriety. It was the same every week, her bearing down Bailey to keep those Clampetts quiet and Bailey trying to keep peace. The first Granny cooked up a batch of moonshine signaled things to come.Buddy Ebsen may have been illiterate, but he had a fount of common sense and was a real rock on that show. Maybe one of the best dads on television.The Beverly Hillbillies was a great show with a lot of good fish out of water comedy.

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    Buddy Ebsen, almost a scarecrow in 1939, definitely a side kick to Davey Crockett in the 1950's, like Jed Clampett struck oil & gold in this series. He is a classic character that grows on you. The show has so many classic comic moments that I could not even list them.The series had continuity as it would refer back to previous episodes very often throughout it's run. The show had very good production qualities, great locations, & was in a way spun off & in conjunction with Petticoat Junction & Green Acres. When Fred Silverman canceled it in the early 1970's, it was one of the most stupid things ever done by a television executive.Irene Ryan was the kind of Granny who was like nobody else. She was a ball of fire who could hold her own with anyone. Jethro (Max Baer Jr) was the 6th grade graduate who was more like a college egghead except that routine was naive, not political. Donna Douglas (Elly Mae) was the tomboy everyone wanted to love but whose only love was her critters (animals).This original series was so good that when a movie of it was tried with different actors, it just could not work. Lots of people popped into this show as guests. Everybody who was anybody would pop up from John Wayne & many other well known actors to athletes like pitchers Don Drysdale & Sandy Koufax of the Dodgers.Animals from Giant Jack Rabbits to Possum, porpoises, poodles & a whole menagerie of animals were on the show. This series never lacked for variety either as almost everything us city folks do was on there. The show never lost it's freshness, even finding new ways to make banker Drysdale (Raymond Bailey) look like more of a Scrooge & even making him into a soldier when he and Jethro face off in tanks!This is a show that never lost its naivety, charm, or ever wore out it's welcome with the American public when it ran on CBS. The last line of the shows credits always reverberates through my mind:"Sit a spell, take your shoes off. You all come back now, hear?"

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    A person posted a comment defying anyone to find an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies that had a Black person in it. For a person who claims they never missed an episode, the person obviously missed the appearance of Sammy Davis Jr. He portrayed Sgt. Patrick Muldoon in an episode. Also there were no less than 5 episodes where Elly Mae had a black girlfriend. That part was played by former Playboy playmate Jeannie Bell. Her sinister looking brothers were played by huge former football players Cookie Gilchrist and Earl Faison. Granted, there were only a few blacks in the show but to say there was not even one black person in the Beverly Hillbillies is totally wrong. Go to and verify Sammy was on the show by putting his name in the search box and it will tell you even the name of the particular show. Please do your research before printing such a definite statement that there were no blacks without verifying it first.

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