The Bernie Mac Show
The Bernie Mac Show
TV-PG | 14 November 2001 (USA)
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    Highly Overrated But Still Good

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    Great Film overall

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    It’s an especially fun movie from a director and cast who are clearly having a good time allowing themselves to let loose.

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    Exactly the movie you think it is, but not the movie you want it to be.

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    A standup comic suddenly finds himself with three children to raise, the result of a drug-addled sister. One is a young girl trying to grow up, the second is an Urkel-type boy who loves to cause trouble and the third is a very young female who likes to eat. A lot. The comic struggles to be a father, and is aided (and sometimes not helped) by his adoring wife. Bernie Mac as the comic periodically breaks the fourth wall by sitting, facing the camera and talking directly to it, which means he is talking to us. No laugh track, no live audience, thank God. The show is decidedly hit and miss, and your feelings about it will depend on how you feel about the late and great Mr. Mac and his particular brand of humor. Guest stars abound.

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    I started watching this show in 2006, probably the last season it was in production, and now enjoy the reruns every night. What a thoughtful and funny show. It rivals and possibly exceeds all of Bill Cosby's shows with family humor that never sinks to the low humor used on so many situation comedies. Each show is an original and enjoyable learning experience. The actors are great, especially Bernie and the adorable Jeremy Suarez (I just want to squeeze that child, he is the cutest child ever), and the music is fabulous. All in all, one of my favorites. I love the way its shot and how Bernie addresses America. It's just so good, I wish it was still in production so I could see more of it. Thanks Bernie from a fellow, former, Chicagoan.

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    i think the Bernie mac is one of the greatest comedies ever, Bernie always talking negative about the kids and how much trouble they are but the show seems to teach morals while still being funny at the same time. i think fox is making a mistake if they cancel this show after 5 seasons, which would be a huge loss, the sixth season has a lot of potential story lines which would be interesting to see. the show makes you laugh hysterically and when will Vanessa learn to stop being so rebellious and when will Jordan become popular and shed his nerdy image. the best part of the show is when Bernie be talking to the camera, saying America, and sometimes the most outrageous stuff comes from Bernie. even though he is tough, he loves the kids very much.

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    The writing for this show is probably some of the best material out there now, putting other shows to shame, although the cast is bitter-sweet. The growing boy gets better with time, while the teenager often seems not to know what to do with herself. The youngest of the three kids is no longer cute and was never right for the part. Bernie Mac constantly referring to her as baby girl is indeed annoying and tired. Most of all, and most evident in his badgering soliloquies to 'A-mer-yi-kah,' Bernie Mac possesses an irritating step-n-fetch-it, 'yessir boss,' eager to please personae that would make any self-respecting African American silently CRINGE! It's very hard to watch.

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