Simon & Simon
Simon & Simon
| 24 November 1981 (USA)
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    Excellent adaptation.

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    Verity Robins

    Great movie. Not sure what people expected but I found it highly entertaining.

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    Fatma Suarez

    The movie's neither hopeful in contrived ways, nor hopeless in different contrived ways. Somehow it manages to be wonderful

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    All of these films share one commonality, that being a kind of emotional center that humanizes a cast of monsters.

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    This show is mostly good. The writing was pretty good compared to other detective shows of the era and it definitely had more and better action than say Hart to Hart obviously.Great cars, good acting. Major Dad is one of the stars. Also just about the best theme song of any show ever!

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    I am a true child of the '80s, and one of the best things was the TV and movies of the time. Not always the most sophisticated of stuff, true, but it was fun and entertaining. Watching many if those favorites now, it's painful to see just how bad some actually were (I'm looking at you, "Airwolf".) Others are just woefully dated products of their time, but still have some good storytelling at their core, like "Miami Vice"."Simon & Simon" is, interestingly enough, neither. It's a show that could have been made or set in any recent decade from the 1970s to now and still worked, because it rests on decent-to-good storytelling, fairly witty writing, and well-developed, interesting characters. This is one of those shows that probably should have been mildly successful for 2-4 seasons and the disappeared into TV history.What made the difference is the cast they got, in particular Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker. I have a hard time thinking of another set of actors that were more believable as siblings. It was just so effortless how they played off each other. And face it--if you step back a bit, both the Simon brothers could've easily come off as highly irritating and rather unlikable. AJ was a 'preppy' college boy who was basically slumming it, and Rickmwas a grumpy-ass ex-Marine who tended to try to con his way out of uncomfortable situations.Instead, AJ ended up being a guy who, as much as he griped about his brother's less-than-cultured habits, would go to hell and back to stand up for others, and God Help You if you messed with his family, because the preppy pretty boy could get downright scary if you did. Rick, for all his foibles, bad habits and fast-talking, would be quick to remind you why some say there's no such thing as an "ex" Marine if you messed with his baby brother.The show in general was a cut above because it was witty, smartly written, and after the initial learning period, let the characters lead the stories rather than trying to force its characters into certain story lines. And when I say it was smart & witty, I don't mean highbrow or overly aware of its own wit. There was *plenty* of lowbrow humor-but the comedic timing and pacing was brilliant. It (mostly) didn't try to go beyond what it was, but instead excelled at just doing that. No need to give AJ a long, high-IQ rant when a pithy comment from Rick covered it nicely. With all the remakes of everything popping up everywhere these days, I'm a little surprised a network hasn't given Simon & Simon a look. Other than a few time period updates, a witty, entertaining show that could be fairly low-budget would seem like a dream for some enterprising network.... All the same, though, I'm still highly entertained by the original.

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    P K

    I too am enjoying this show again. It was one of my favorites in the '80s - I believe it was a Thursday night line up Magnum, Simon and Simon and Hill Street Blues. lol. It was a running joke between a boyfriend of mine at the time because he wanted to watch the competing line up which I believe had Cosby on - and whatever other shows I don't remember.And I feel the same way - each episode I watch now delights and surprises me with how great a show it was and what a great job both actors did of conveying the love and sometimes balancing act of being brothers. I'd be interested to know if Jameson Parker and Gerald McRaney really got along - they surely hit it right in their roles.Gerald McRaney has been a very unappreciated actor - glad to see him working it in Deadwood. And really Rick Simon and/or Gerald McRaney - the perfect man.

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    I am no fan of this show, whatsoever. When I first saw it years ago (I assume when it was still in production, or some time later on A&E), I thought it was "so-and-so". But when I saw the show once or twice more, I thought it was so boring, and ridiculous. My apologies to the huge fans of this program, but I just didn't find it to be an appropriate show. What is so entertaining about a show dealing with two brothers who run a private detective agency (as private investigators, obviously), who are dressed in almost nothing but cowboy outfits, and ride around in a big monster truck??!! They always looked like they were going to a rodeo or a monster truck show, instead of going to their jobs as private detectives. This program is not for me to like.

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