The Wonder Years
The Wonder Years
| 31 January 1988 (USA)
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    Simply Perfect

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    i must have seen a different film!!

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    As Good As It Gets

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    Although it has its amusing moments, in eneral the plot does not convince.

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    (cue the movie trailer voice guy>) In a world where Breaking Bad and The Wire (both incredible shows) both score 9.4 and The Wonder Years only scores 8.2. (end the movie trailer voice guy)...Seriously though...this is a travesty. I honestly couldn't believe that The Wonder Years didn't score higher. Granted that this is a deeply personal show for me...but judging from the other reviews, it seems to be a deeply personal show for a lot of people. What is amazing about The Wonder Years is its ability to relate cross generations. I'm not going to talk specifically about any one episode because there are too many and no one here wants to read about my life story, but bear with me. I was born in when I started watching The Wonder Years I was 8 and it ended when I was 13.....pretty much my formative years as a child. Watching the show during this time even as a child it was important to me. As a child, I could relate to Kevin or at least some of the other characters on a level where the understanding to me had everything to do with his experiences as a child and not a whole lot for the generation in which he lived his life. It worked for my parents because the show both created nostalgia to the time period in which they grew up as well and holding nostalgic memories of experiences that they may have had in common with the characters. Watching this show later in life only further showed me how great a show this truly was. Viewing this show 20+ years later you are able to see the show in a completely different light. While I'm not able to share in the nostalgia of the time my parents...I am able to better relate to teenage Kevin....and his parents, grandparents, and dare I even say his jackass of a brother Wayne. If I wrote this review at another time I might be able to write a better one, but I am writing this on pure emotion and I can honestly tell you that this was one of the best shows ever made for television. The creators and the writers knew exactly what they were doing and it showed. Perhaps the Wonder Years was a little too far ahead of its time...or maybe America is all the stupider. I just feel bad for the kids of today that have no clue of this show. It is a damn shame that they won't either until licensing fees are worked out and and they can actually get this show on DVD. They need to do it right though. They can't leave out or replace the music because in blended in and complimented the show to a point that to leave it out would be to savagely diminish the quality....(sigh) Until then I'll have to rely on my bootleg copies and keep reminding the world that The Wonder Years even existed in the first place.

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    I remember the first time I watched the Wonder Years. It was amazing. Chronologically, Kevin was 3 years older than I was and it seemed that every episode pulled out another piece of my life and put it up on that TV screen.Friends, family, love, laughter, life and just growing up and finding myself was an adventure. Watching Kevin grow up brought back so many memories, the Wonder Years will always have a special place in my heart. It's so sad that the storytellers today don't always have the heart that this show did. We could all learn a few lessons from this fantastic program.

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    "The Wonder Years," even though the show was a period piece, it still seems like the events it portrayed weren't that long ago and still have some relevance today. I was born in 1985, so I wasn't alive when Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) came of age during the turbulent 1960s and 1970s in the United States, as was portrayed in the show and whose thoughts were narrated by Daniel Stern. He was one of the most likable television characters of my formative years. The life lessons, the romance, the conflicts with friends and family alike, and the pains of adolescence and growing up still resonate nearly two decades later after this show's successful run on television with today's audiences. Why this show hasn't gotten a DVD treatment, I'll never know. I just know that for several years this was truly one of the best shows in the history of American television.10/10

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    Benjamin Langenhan

    Without any fear...I can say: The Wonder Years is the one series I am happy most about! I was born in 1984 and still i didn't grow up in's the best series ever made because it remembers us of how it was to grow remembers us what our best friends were then and today...and it remembers us also why the family is so important even if it's hard as hell! :-)I first saw the show I was at the age of 7 or 8 and that means even after over 20 years there was a reason to identify yourself with the series.There is so much you can learn: I myself have a brother who is 5 years older than I am...I understand Kevin!! :-) And even you have nothing comparable...there are still your parents who grown up with Joe Cocker, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Supertramp and others. And because of this there are so much reasons boosted back in the first 70thies! And after tonight, after I watched the whole Biography there is no doubt I will never forget this series!!! It is also the best thing they never made Kevin and Winnie do it! That is the magic of everybody's minds! I still hear Joe Cocker right now: Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends! :-)TWY forever!!!

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