TV-Y7 | 18 August 1991 (USA)
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    Did you people see the same film I saw?

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    The acting in this movie is really good.

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    Jenna Walter

    The film may be flawed, but its message is not.

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    This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time. You have to go and see this on the big screen.

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    Ahh the memories of this show just make me feel warm inside, This show really takes me back to when everything was simple. This show stars the title character Doug funny who's just an average kid with a wild imagination. This show shows most of the struggles that kids dealt with in elementary school. In this show we see all of doug's imaginations in which some good and some are bad. Along in this show are other awesome characters like his blue and hip best "human" friend Skeeter valentine, his other best friend, porkchop his dog, his love interest Patti mayonaise, and his arch rival Roger klots. The things I love about all of the character are that Skeeter is very funny, kinda dumb, but loyal and has doug's back, Porkchop is so smart and also always has doug's back and he's almost human because he walks most of the time, Patti is a sweet girl who is very nice to doug but I am a little bummed that they never kissed, And my favorite character Roger who is a bully and a asshole with a good heart and I think deep down he cares for doug and is one of his good friends. Overall this show is a 9/10 for me I really dislike the Disney version that one sucks do yourself a favor people and don't watch that one and stick to the classic nickelodeon version.

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    Man! I loved this show. I couldn't wait watching it on Nickelodeon every Friday until it went off air. This cartoon, to be honest, helped me a lot as a pubert mainly because it displayed real situations but in a tender and funny manner at the same time. Thus, it helped me confront the aforementioned situations. Doug had the life of a normal boy but of course, lived exciting and colorful adventures: he had a best friend, a crush, love caring parents, dealt with bullies, weird teachers, and more situations.This show should be watched by puberts and teens overall because it always delivers a moral through a funny manner. It also made fun of social situations and even pop culture. This was a very complete cartoon. I remember it with nostalgia.

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    Doug from what i have read was one of the first Nicktoons on Nickoldeon. Doug was also a part of my childhood. Now i was born the later part of 91 so i have know memories of its original boardcast run until 94. I remember when it used to air on Nickoloden. I remember some episodes like Where doug thought he had found a dinosaur and turned out it was a Human. Or the one with him and Mr. Dink at the Boat docks. How bout the one where doug accidentally started the Schools science lab on fire by accident. Well either way the show was great Doug always used his imagination to when he got into problems. Heck i even still remember the Characters other than Doug Funny, like Skeeter The Beats,Patty Manase,Dougs Sister, Mr. And Mrs. Dink The Vice Principal, Dougs dog and thats all i can remember. I remember the show stopped airing regularly on Nickoldeon in Late 2000 Early 2001 because Spongebob and other Newer supposedly "Better" NickToons where coming out. The Show did have a second life on Disney but the Disney Doug sucked compared to the original. Well i started wondering what ever happened to it and in 2003 i found it on Nicktoons T.V. and man i remembered a lot of then. As the years went by thou i slowly started to forget about it and Nicktoons T.V. now plays mostly Bad Cartoons. Last year in 2008 however i was delighted to hear that for the first time it was coming out on DVD Season 1 and 2. I have still yet to get them but i shall get them soon. If you want to watch good, and real nicktoons watch this Show but if you want to stay with Spongebob(Which is played on Nick almost ever other hour) then forget It. Its really a shame that Nick took it off the air. Old Nick from the 1990s is still the best.

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    In the episode when Doug gets his picture taken; at the end of the episode, Skeeter little brother ate all of Skeeter's photos. Dale then goes on to say "Yum, Yum eat 'um up". That particular line is a reference to a 1930's episode of the "Our Gang" series in which an Indian person starts chasing Spanky around the house looking for candy that Spanky came him. The line the Indian use the phrase refer to the candy. Later in the episode of "Our Gang", Spanky uses a device shooting at the Indian. Unknowingly, the item was called a "nigger chaser" in which people used to keep them at bay during that time. In the 1930's, there were no civil rights laws in place.

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