The Middle
The Middle
TV-PG | 30 September 2009 (USA)
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    That was an excellent one.

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    Simply Perfect

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    Frances Chung

    Through painfully honest and emotional moments, the movie becomes irresistibly relatable

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    The movie turns out to be a little better than the average. Starting from a romantic formula often seen in the cinema, it ends in the most predictable (and somewhat bland) way.

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    I've watched up to 8th season of the middle with my wife & we've become like part of the Heck family. It's full of values and nice life events, describes an ordinary family perfectly, and most importantly it's funny.I like it & encourage to watch especially as a family series.

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    Thank you for 9 fabulous years. I just loved this show!

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    The MIDDLE is a great family comedy, which is rare, carouse all these other tv shows are crappy nowadays. The Middle is so hilarious. I DEFINETLY RECOMEND RHIA FUN FAMILY COMEDY

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    The Middle chronicles the hectic life of the Heck's, an average, middle-class American family who lives in Orson, Indiana. While each episode depicts situations that the family and the individuals of the family get themselves into, the viewers at home are able to relate to it, as the shows target audience is average, working, middle class Americans. By the show being presented with characters that are extremely ordinary it allows the audience to relate to them. The characters are always wearing very ordinary clothing, nothing that is fancy or designer; it's clothing that could be purchased at any regular store. This allows the viewers to relate with the show and its characters because the viewers themselves wear ordinary clothing in their own real life. Even the setting of the show is what allows the viewers to relate to it. As John Fiske notes in his article Realism, having familiar settings in a show is what makes the show relatable, and is what gives the viewers the sense that the show is real. The Middle is often set in the family's home; in their kitchen, living room, and the bedrooms. At times the show travels to the parents workplaces and the children's schools. All of these settings are ones that viewers themselves go to, and where their own lives take place. The Middle is able to resonate with its viewers by being a show about a normal family who does normal things, something all viewers can relate to and find comfort in.

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