TV-PG | 05 July 1989 (USA)
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    Nice effects though.

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    The movie's neither hopeful in contrived ways, nor hopeless in different contrived ways. Somehow it manages to be wonderful

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    Portia Hilton

    Blistering performances.

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    Haven Kaycee

    It is encouraging that the film ends so strongly.Otherwise, it wouldn't have been a particularly memorable film

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    Before everything else, let me paint a picture of who I am.I am a 19 year old Filipino student in the Philippines who's main reason of living is binge-watching/reading almost anything that I could get my hands on. From manga, dc/marvel comics, novels, documentaries, foreign movies, cartoons, anime, and of course to TV shows, it has been my creed for at least 5 years now to absorb all that pop culture can offer me. As of today, I have watched (and even rewatched) over 40 foreign TV shows and I could safely say that I have had my fair share of awesome TV experiences and some blatantly boring albeit forgettable ones. Seinfeld, to me, falls under the latter category.While the show's premise is not entirely a bad one, at least not for me, the entire journey from the first season to it's last was, to be quite honest, unenjoyable. The jokes were stale, the dialogue was either unrealistic or just plain dumb, and the characters were just so freaking unlikeable. I actually ended up cheering when the judge pleaded them guilty. While Kramer is just an oblivious and absolutely careless idiot who always ends up ruining everything, he's not neccessarily evil. George and Elaine, however, are two of the worst people that I've ever known. Selfish, prideful, arrogant, and rude, these two would always find it in their time to deliberately screw with other people just because things didn't go the way they wanted it to. I'm sorry if I'm being a whiny baby for saying this, but I don't like watching a show whose main characters are just downright deplorable. I mean there are shows like Breaking Bad, Narcos and Game of Thrones with main characters that can be considered as "bad", but nevertheless, they still have a code of honor, or at least some compassion to show guilt, but George and Elaine never once apologized for being such scumbags. I suppose this sort of injustice can work on crime drama and other dark genres but I don't think it's compatible with comedy. I have always loved sitcoms ever since I binge-watched How I met Your Mother in just a week, and it's my favorite genre since you could rewatch an entire show without ever getting tired of it. Every single time that I finish a sitcom, I would always feel this emptiness after, like another part of me just died, and then I would go and rewatch it again, and again, up to the point where I could actually already predict most of the dialogue. I have rewatched HIMYM for 11 times now, Friends for 8, Arrested Development for 6, The Big Bang Theory for 4, The Office for 9, Community for 10, and Modern Family for 5, and I have no regrets over those several hours wasted on comedy, but believe me, I would never suffer through Seinfeld again, because as soon as I saw the last of those narcissistic jackasses, all I felt was relief, knowing that I could finally move on with the knowledge that Seinfeld was as perhaps one of the most overhyped garbage to grace the earth.

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    I started really watching episodes of this because they come on in re-runs on nearly every channel in the USA at night, or used to. It was never something that I would have been excited about on a weekly basis. It is one of those shows you leave on in the background while making food, and get a couple of chuckles from. Characters like George or Kramer really carried the whole thing for me, or even Elaine's boss. Jerry, as a main character or comedian, is very lame. Elaine was OK, but reminded me of so many other shallow women in real life. Many people don't get the NY city style antics that go on, because we don't live in that setting. Larry David makes some funny stuff, but is it really all they say it is? Ummm...I'm not really sold. Curb your enthusiasm and Seinfeld are somewhat funny, but I think their ratings as the greatest shows ever are really absurd. I've seen way funnier shows with better casts and ideas, done much better. I guess for the time, Seinfeld was a real icon, but again, it really is over-hyped. I mean, I like grapes, but I wouldn't proclaim them as the best thing to ever happen to humanity! It all really depends on who you are and who you know in Hollywood and media, to decide what kind of reception and light you are cast in. Much of the commotion is just silly nonsense in an echo chamber.

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    Nabadeep Kalita

    Always been searching for a TV show like this. Finally I'm watching in 2017. Really blessed to watch a TV show like this. Can't compare with any other TV comedy shows. Comparing would make insult of this one. Probably the Best comedy TV series I've ever seen. I don't understand why they can't make any series like this anymore.

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    Bilal Hussain

    SEINFELD was arguably the best Series ever produced. It gets you hooked you hooked right from the get go. Absolutely Hilarious, the writers did a great job. Exquisite, Mesmerizing and incredibly subtle. Being a huge FRIENDS fan myself, I have to admit SEINFELD has solidified it's status as one of the greatest. A Show about nothing that covered everything. George Costanza was the best Character of the Show and this shouldn't even be an argument. I can watch it over and over again and never get bored.

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