The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory
TV-14 | 24 September 2007 (USA)
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    Highly Overrated But Still Good

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    Absolutely Brilliant!

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    Griff Lees

    Very good movie overall, highly recommended. Most of the negative reviews don't have any merit and are all pollitically based. Give this movie a chance at least, and it might give you a different perspective.

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    The movie turns out to be a little better than the average. Starting from a romantic formula often seen in the cinema, it ends in the most predictable (and somewhat bland) way.

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    Where you can watch this episode without laughing, I was able to overpower the only 3 series due to the fact that the laughter I was distracted. The laugh-off is already outdated, it's insulting! People aren't idiots and they don't need a clue where to laugh. Especially in this series, he almost after every phrase!!! After watching the Childhood Sheldon wanted to watch BBT, but I can not lifted up this laugh, but I'm because of him, even the phrases of the characters can not hear.

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    Used to be funny show, but after Bernadette appeared, mode killer, Really terrible character, very bad casting, and her voice, her look ewwww

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    We had the show recommended to us from multiple sources but resisted during a time with less viewing time available. Now retired we started watching from season one. Have watched all episodes and started over again. Viewing the second time through was still a laugh every scene. We like the later season episodes as well as the early ones. A wonderful ensemble of cast members deliver a well written show every episode.

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    Cleavant Derricks

    What a coincidence... I just wrote the 300th user review on IMDb for "Two and a Half Men" and now I find I am writing review #500 for "The Big Bang Theory!" I feel very special and truly honored. Thank you IMDb and fellow users for making this possible...Now for my review...BE WARNED. "The Big Bang Theory" is NOT "Sliders"... It has in fact very little to do with "Sliders".I had high hopes because the characters in this show practice science, including some very advanced stuff. I assumed that, since Jerry O'Connell was merely a high school student working on his own, obviously several college geniuses, who are experts in different scientific fields, must be able to unlock the mysteries of inter-dimensional travel. But NO.Shame on the producers and writers of this show for making viewers believe it will be a great show like Sliders, only to have us find out when watching that it has zero sliding at all.Sheldon is a huge wimp I can't respect at all. He's lucky he doesn't have to slide from one dimension to the next, where he is relied upon to solve an entire world's problems in a short period of time - because he would fold under the pressure, unlike Mr. O'Connell.Leonard is also nothing compared to Professor Arturo either. He's just a nerd. Professor Arturo can FIGHT ROBOTS single handed while Leonard has trouble even building ONE robot over a period of years. He even has trouble just talking to girls. The Professor ruled an entire planet of women, with no sweat!As for the other two nerds, they are nothing compared to the gorgeous Wade and The Crying Man. Seriously, do I even need to get into that one?Also the characters in this show are thinly veiled racial and sexual stereotypes, and the jokes are predictable and written by hacks... so there's that too.I give this show a 2, because it fails at being Sliders but at least there's some physics in it, which means there is at least the potential for future sliding...

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