Modern Family
Modern Family
TV-PG | 23 September 2009 (USA)
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    Very best movie i ever watch

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    Thanks for the memories!

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    Great movie! If you want to be entertained and have a few good laughs, see this movie. The music is also very good,

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    Watch something else. There are very few redeeming qualities to this film.

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    I've watched every episode many times over as i did with friends, this is as good if not better, all characters are funny and over the top loveable, from grumpy grandpa jay to super-tryer dad phil, the whole disfunctional family are a family i would love to be apart of. Add in boyfriends and neighbours, this is a comedy show of 5star quality. Long may it continue

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    I feel good watching modern family. They are the family I dream I had. I can´t wait for the next episode and see what the kids will become, which carriers they will choose and who they will end up with. Really funny lines, word-plays. I really recommend it!

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    Maya Alani

    Modern Family cracks me up every time. Each character feels so real and you really get to know them more and more each episode. The credibility of the characters lies mostly in their complexity as you get to watch them constantly contradicting themselves. It is definitely a feel-good TV show, as loving and caring families are shown in each episode. Personally, I find most of the puns and jokes hilarious- but I understand that is completely subjective. Every scene with Sofia Vergara is absolutely hilarious.One of the things that I completely hated about this show were how a supposedly "politically correct" TV series is so reluctant to including so many sexist jokes. I did not expect this from this show, where the characters are supposedly supportive and open-minded. In several instances throughout the show, the word "woman" or "girl" is strongly associated with inferiority. Cam is offended by being considered the mother of the family. Basically if someone wants to offend someone, they just call them a "lady". It crosses the line so far that at one point of the show, Claire uses the word "girl" to insult Gloria, another female character in the show. However, the female characters are portrayed as strong and independent, which makes it completely illogical to include sexist jokes. Another downside to this show is Cam. I utterly hate his hyperbolic personality, which adds to the melodrama of the show. He could have had the exact same personality except for being overly sensitive and nagging throughout the whole show. You start disliking him so much that you actually want something bad to happen to him.I continue watching this show as the sexist jokes are tolerable and luckily, Cam is not really the main character. Nobody really is, but it seems like there is relatively low focus on him as compared to the other characters. I recommend this show to anyone who feels like having a good laugh without becoming completely addicted to the series.

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    I absolutely love this show!!! This is honestly one of the greatest comedy shows I have ever seen. It's not easy to make me laugh, but watching this show I laughed out loud at numerous parts. It's definitely humorous, light-hearted, epic and unpredictable. I've probably seen every single episode, but I could still watch this over and over again. I love the characters, they all delivered an amazing performance in their roles. After numerous twists and turns, the ending is always powerful, epic and thought-provoking.I find this show different from other shows: the situations are hilarious, but underneath there's a heartwarming story. I like that all the characters are certain stereotypes of people, but they all have their own unique way. It definitely reflects the growing image of society's families nowadays. I love how they are showing three different families, but actually they're all one big family. There's a man in his sixties, with a foreign, young wife and her son. There's another family of a man, woman, and their two daughters and son. And then you have two gay man and their adopted Vietnamese daughter. Everyone is related. They're absolutely fantastic together. No doubt this show is entertaining and brings into a good mood.

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