The Detour
The Detour
TV-MA | 11 April 2016 (USA)

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    Why so much hype?

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    Good start, but then it gets ruined

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    Admirable film.

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    Allison Davies

    The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.

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    Honestly, The Detour is great for numbing the brain when not wanting to start anything provoking. 1st season is the hook. However, as seasons progress, humor gets too exaggerated to enjoy past a hangover. Thus the sinker.

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    I have been watching this show off and on for the past three seasons and I must say while I haven't seen this as very family friendly it was sure as hell a lot of enjoyment I have sometimes laughed so hard I almost cried the kids are hilarious together and the adults are fun too as long as you can take mature sexual humor and swearing you should have a tremendous time with the parkers just remember this a show about family and its damn sure not for family just keep this in mind when watching

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    I gave it ten because I found it so refreshing. If one has tried to watch most of the other new comedies that have come out recently like "Kevin can wait" and "Man with a Plan" and find them mostly unwatchable you may agree. The Detour may be pretty stupid sometimes but at least it's funny. I mean really funny. I watched the entire first season in a short period of time and I am ready for more. It is a bit raunchy at times so if you are sensitive to raunchiness just change the channel. I found something "laugh out loud" funny in every episode. Usually many times per episode. Natalie Zea is great in this. Normally she just gets a couple of lines in a show but here she is a main character, so you get to see her a lot. Not appropriate for your Mom or your kids so enjoy!

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    Two of the most idiotic parents (but still among the smartest characters in the show) take their far smarter progeny on a road trip where all the lies of there marriage come to light and where the trust the most important things to the absolutely least trust-able characters the mind of scriptwriter can conceive and what happens is the most predictable slapstick you could ever imagine. I'm sure I would love it - if I were twelve. No vomit or diarrhea yet but you can bet it's coming. Disappointing, but I love Natalie Zea in everything she does, well everything but this. Seriously, I think anyone could write this shtick. Just take any of your favorite characters, put them on a road trip and have them make the worst possible decision in every case. Viola! It's comedy gold!

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