Sunset Beach
Sunset Beach
| 16 January 1997 (USA)
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    I like the storyline of this show,it attract me so much

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    Thanks for the memories!

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    Save your money for something good and enjoyable

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    It's entirely possible that sending the audience out feeling lousy was intentional

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    "When the moon rises early, just as the Santa Ana winds kick up out of nowhere, and the sun is just dropping out of sight, whoever you meet at the far side of the pier, is the one you're destined to be with".All 755 Episodes (Containing High Quality versions that are not available anywhere on the internet not even youtube) of the much loved Soap Opera Sunset Beach, all contained on a portable hard drive. Using this device is as easy as plugging it into your PC or Laptop and opening a folder. DVDs can be damaged and skip, This device is also covered for 3 years! now you can own the entire collection check out our official site for further info

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    I thought others might appreciate my story. I was once a boring sad lawyer type studying to be a solicitor and taking life oh so seriously. However all this was to change one when one fateful Christmas after too many cocktails. Unusually, I was reduced to spending Saturday lolling about watching TV. I couldn't even muster the energy to change the channel. Sunset Beach came on - a programme I thought I understood and had always dismissed as rubbish. (I think I tuned in near the end it was the one where Annie goes to the witch doctor). I have to say it was incredibly relaxing and therapeutic! Then something strange happened - I realised how deluded I had been and actually developed a sense of humour. Unbelievable! I gave up my every Saturday after that for months to stay in and tune in.SB is completely 'barking' and tongue in cheek. I love every minute of it! I have never looked back since. I thankfully passed my law exams but realised just how empty my life was, and thankfully changed careers to something much more rewarding and interesting. In my spare time I now devote my life to others like me who do not understand SB..... If I can save one or two souls then it will all be worthwhile.....I am now watching all the repeats on channel 5. SB is brilliant, ironic and well-acted. Annie will always be my favourite (Oh to be Sarah Buxton) but Eddie Connors comes a close second. For all those out there who say it is far-fetched and silly, can I just point out the obvious- it is meant to be! I just can't believe I didn't 'get it' at first. How sad I was then, thank the Lord above for Brandy Alexander cocktails!

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    Back when I was about 14 (21 now) i used to tape this thing everyday so I could watch it when i went home for lunch and every day a couple of my mates would come watch it too. We loved the Ben / Derek plot sooo much (I may have even made a tape where edited those bits together n cut all the rest- i'm usually quite normal, honest). A funny thing I noticed recently is that on one of my other favourite shows, British sit com Game On they used to mention watching sunset beach like they were taking the mess out of how rubbish it was- but this was 2 years before SB existed so I have my suspicions that someone saw game on and decided to make said crappy soap. Anyway I did prefer the original theme tune (the one used at the end of later episodes written by one Tim Truman, which I notice happens to be the name of one of the characters, in case you forget it was the guy who had a flashback where he shouted noooooo for about 3 months when he was in a coma. For addictive crappy TV SB is far and away the best. Its so bad that its brilliant!!! its also a load of fun when you see the stars in other stuff. Paula was in mulholland drive and the punisher! and Meg was in.. Wild Things 3 or was it 2?- use the search if you are interested. Alas Ben, once tipped as 007 is in general hospital!

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    This was a great soap opera. Although sometimes the acting left a bit to be desired (and I'll admit that despite being a huge fan), it was one of the most creative and interesting soaps on TV. Many of the stars of this show went on to really bright careers (Eddie Cibrian and Jason Winston George among them), but some have faded into Hollywood nothingness. Sometimes the show was cheesy, but that was what made it so great. It wasn't old and tired like some of the other soaps. It was completely fresh, new, vibrant and colorful. It needs to be put back on the air so other soaps stop rehashing the same ideas. This soap was funny, entertaining and really great. Terror Island was one of the greatest soap angles of all time. Aaron Spelling's finest achievement ever.

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