Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai
TV-14 | 02 May 2018 (USA)
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    Surprisingly incoherent and boring

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    good back-story, and good acting

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    It's hard to see any effort in the film. There's no comedy to speak of, no real drama and, worst of all.

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    Great story, amazing characters, superb action, enthralling cinematography. Yes, this is something I am glad I spent money on.

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    Every episode has heart, they are brilliantly crafted and you geneuiny care about all of the characters. Fantastic writing has made this series one of the best I have ever seen, mostly because of the nostalgia and fun. A must see whether you have seen the Karate Kid movies or not. Go and watch them though if you can!

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    Paul Magne Haakonsen

    I must admit that I skipped on this when I first heard of it. I mean, come on the good guy and bad guy from the first (and ancient) "Karate Kid" movie making a return to a series about the very same characters. And it being a YouTube production didn't really help win me over either.But after having heard so many speak fondly of it, I decided to give it a chance. And I must admit that I ended up binge-watching all ten episodes. Sure, I liked the "Karate Kid" movies when I was a kid, but they weren't all that outstanding. However, this 2018 series really had something to offer.It was actually amazingly fun and entertaining to see both Ralph Macchio return to reprise the Daniel LaRusso character, but even more entertaining to see William Zabka return to visit the Johnny Lawrence character. Zabka really stepped up and performed the you-know-what out of reprising this character, it was just phenomenal.The storyline in "Cobra Kai" was good, although it started to turn into a farce towards the last couple of episodes with situations from the original movie being re-used albeit presented with a new skin on it. That was a little bit too unoriginal for my liking. But aside from that, then "Cobra Kai" was wholeheartedly entertaining from start to end.And having seen the 2018 "Cobra Kai", then it actually puts the 1984 "Karate Kid" in a whole new perspective. What if Daniel LaRusso wasn't the innocent kid that he was made out to be? He did a lot of bully things in that movie actually. Have we been mislead by the 1984 classic movie and the LaRusso character all together?Regardless, "Cobra Kai" was a glorious trip back memory lane, and it was wonderful to see the growth and situations that both Daniel and Johhny had ended up in.As for the ending of the series... Well, that was a great way of ending it. Was it predictable? For sure. But it was still good, nonetheless.This is definitely something that you should take the time and effort to sit down and watch if you have the time and the chance, and especially if you grew up watching the "Karate Kid" movies, at least the first two... the latter and the remake, let's just pretend they never happened.Good entertaining in every aspect, and a good combination of good storyline, action, drama, character development, and dialogue. This definitely took me by surprise.

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    Greg McLellan

    This movie had me shaking my head and taking 4 months to finally watch... I'm now on the fence! If I watched earlier, then I would have to wait another year to watch another episode! Since I watched it now, I missed out on my friends conversations...Either way, this series made me so happy, in an unexpected way! Johnny's side of the story makes so much sense!!!I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next season!!Well done!!

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    Yes, it has a few loose ends. Yes, Macchio and Zabka are not Oscar winning materials. Yes, the cinematography is far from great. I could list at least 10 or 20 reasons to rate this show below 5 stars. I gave it a 9. BUT, it is so brilliant in it's core that none of the evident issues constitutes a real problem. The film - The Karate Kid - was not that great, although we have to recognize it was a game changer and very iconic for the 80's culture. The series is far better. Even the not so great acting by Zabka fits perfectly in the storyline. The fact that Daniel LaRusso falls into a very cliche "winner-life" is just brilliant. It is about guys in their 50's, and that is the peak of it. It's not about teenagers unresolved issues, but it's about adulthood and our needs to revisit the past, like our present problems could be solved with a time machine. That goes for both Lawrence and LaRusso. And their kids. And everything around their lives. It is most of all a great STORY, and that's pretty much what entertainment should be about.

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