TV-14 | 12 July 2002 (USA)
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    Simply A Masterpiece

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    People are voting emotionally.

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    Instant Favorite.

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    Good story, Not enough for a whole film

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    Acting like a moron isn't difficult for anthony...he's had a lot of practice, starting with "wings" another comedy...people that act like morons to get laughs are not funny at all...i tried my best to find the slightest hint of humor but each time he went into his obsessive compulsive routine...apparently a lot of people like this routine, perhaps because they see themselves....the show ran for a long you can tell, i'm no fan and when an actor has to pay as executive directors do to be seen it makes it seem like the show is totally forced on us

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    My only regret is that they are not re-running all of the episodes. I have missed this show tremendously and am enjoying it even more than the first time around. It is charming, clever and something most of the family can watch. It is not intended to be an exercise in deep thought or intellectual pursuit. It is a comedy, and the self-proclaimed critics with negative views expose their ignorance by trying to make it into something it is not intended to be. The writing includes a variety of comedy types, and, as does the best comedy, includes some heartbreak.

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    I have been watching this show since it first came out and I have to say it is without a doubt one of my favorite TV shows. At first, I was quite hesitant about this show as I don't watch many detective themed shows but quickly after the first episode, I was hooked. The character Adrian Monk is quite interesting and hilarious through the way he perceives things. It's quite astonishing how many fears he has and how he notices the littlest of things that help him solve his cases. What makes this show different from others is its combination of humor while still maintaining some of the seriousness. Now, I like to re-watch the episodes when I have a chance. If you like detective-comedy- mystery-drama kinds of shows,then definitely watch Monk! (Even though the show ended years ago, it's never too late to start watching now)

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    -I liked this show since the beginning and the end was just as satisfying as the whole series. There a few American Comedies that I like, and Monk is one of them. It's not a sitcom as Malcolm, Two and a Half Men or Big Bang, It's Sherlock Holmes + Obsessive Compulsive Comedy, even the series finale wasn't funny at all, but was very good.*Spoilers* Finally Monk found out his wife's killer, and wrapped up with a happy ending. Trudy led a perfect gift for Monk and it wasn't Resurrection, it was a daughter. He was broken inside since Trudy's death and when he found out who was her killer and met her daughter, he was happy again. And the most important, he said goodbye to his compulsive disorder. The whole series mixed perfectly the detective cases with comedy and was very funny sometimes. And of course Tony Shalhoub, a master of comedy. If anyone else would have played Monk, I wouldn't like it at all. 3 Emmys weren't enough. He deserved for the last season, but he didn't win so, doesn't matter. Thank you to Bitty Schram, Ted Levine, Jason Gray-Stanford and most important apart from Shaloub, Traylor Howard who was Monk's butler, literally. But he didn't treat her as a butler, also as a friend, which also found out in the end. Thank you for 8 seasons of Shaloub, crimes, and comedy. I'll miss it.

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