Jonathan Creek
Jonathan Creek
| 09 May 1997 (USA)
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    hyped garbage

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    From my favorite movies..

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    The film makes a home in your brain and the only cure is to see it again.

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    Billy Ollie

    Through painfully honest and emotional moments, the movie becomes irresistibly relatable

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    Gerry Cannon

    Near the start of the episode, the couple visit friends of Polly who Jonathan will be meeting for the first time. Their house seems empty and Polly goes to look for them 'in the studio' while Jonathan hears a noise upstairs and finds a couple tied and gagged. He releases them and Polly runs into a couple by the studio. But they, not the tied-up couple, are the householders who had discovered and overpowered the 'Jonathan couple' and had tied them up while awaiting the police.But why gag them? That's the action of villains who want the crime to go unnoticed.Generally- I think it is lacking. What job do they do? Some corporate dullsville thing? Davies is a bit old for the boyish innocent figure he is still portraying here. It looks like it is slipping into a moribund Midsomer Murders type thing. Pity.

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    This series offers something different than most other detective series. With this one, you genuinely have a chance of figuring it out yourself if you spot the right clues along the way. It isn't like most other whodunits where you are just following the story, here you can choose to do that or try and exercise your gray matter. In one case a friend of mine and I stopped the episode just before the explanation at the end and tied all the loose knots ourselves.What I really like about this series is that with each episode it takes an impossible situation as its premise and then runs with it. Alan Davies fits the title role perfectly - an anorak with some social issues. Caroline Quentin is quite the opposite - a bubbling character always sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. Again, perfect typecasting. When CQ was replaced by Julia Sawalha the show took a bit of a hit in my opinion. Additionally the ideas which were so free-flowing in the beginning, seemed to dry up.Seasons 1 & 2 are by far the best. Season 3 starts to feel a bit formulaic and season 4 is only just watchable.

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    Reading all the raves about this series makes me feel like I dropped into the Twilight Zone. My husband and I watched a couple of episodes, an early one and then, just for the benefit of doubt, a later one. Both episodes felt like a high school production, only less creative. There were some occasionally witty lines in in the otherwise amateurish dialogue, but the actors inevitably drop the few funny bits like so much litter. The lead actor has moments here and there where one senses he could actually be a character, but there is zero chemistry between him and the woman "investigative journalist", who has no credibility from her very first line. But I blame the director who seems to have a negative sense of comedic timing. As for the plots, "laughable" doesn't apply, because they are just not funny. It's not that the style is crude -- crude, taken far enough, would have been more interesting! So why do apparently so many people -- Brits! -- think this series is the best thing since Starbucks Eggnog Latte? Am I blind to the Zeitgeist? Am I taking the wrong drugs? Am I stuck too far in the past? Or did I indeed stumble into the Twilight Zone?

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    Robert Barrett

    I have always liked Jonathan Creek because Alan Davies was hilarious in the show to begin with but in 2001 when the Christmas special episode(Satan's Chimney)had my all time favourite actress the absolutely gorgeous Julia Sawalha playing her role as Carla Borrego i just had to tune in but as i am watching Julia on repeats of series 4 of the series even now i still think Julia is not only the most beautiful woman on the show but has the best comic timing i have ever had the pleasure of watching from any performer on television,Julia is just wonderful,absolutely brilliant and she played her role as Carla beautifully,I wish at some point Julia Sawalha can come back to play Carla Borrego one more time because the last role i had seen Julia Sawalha in a role at the time was in 2000 when she played what i have always said,my favourite role Julia Sawalha ever played and that was when she played wisecracking Aussie barmaid Janet Wilson in series 1 of Time Gentlemen Please and Julia was just so wonderful in the role,I think the British film and TV industry should give this beautiful,wonderful,fantastic and brilliant actress a lifetime achievement award for being fantastic in every single role in every TV series she portrayed because i think she has earned that right for that award by now because the only actress i think should have deserved an award before i ever seen Julia Sawalha as an actress 16 years ago(1989) and that was i think (and i'm proud to say this) the best actress to come from the north west of England and she had a brilliant personality as well as being gorgeous and that was the wonderful Joanne Whalley from Edge of Darkness(1985) and Scandal.I will never ever see such an actress play any roles so fantastic in the way that Julia Sawalha did,because she is such a brilliant actress,she could do comedy with such roles as Janet Wilson and Carla Borrego and play serious roles like as Maria in Hornblower and she puts in 100 per cent performances in all her roles every single time especially in comedy,Julia really is a wonderful comedienne and i could laugh or cry when watching Julia Sawalha as a performer and i think Julia was the perfect lady to be in Jonathan Creek and i think both Julia Sawalha and Alan Davies worked really well together in their roles as Jonathan Creek and Carla Borrego and would love to see both Julia and Alan act together again for more episodes of Jonathan Creek and at that time when Julia Sawalha met Alan Davies while making Jonathan Creek i was so pleased for Julia and i'm not sure weather they are still together or not but if so i would like to wish both Julia and Alan all the best for the future as i don't get to hear what Julia is doing these days,now on the cable/satellite channels on TV i am so glad that i am getting the chance to see Julia Sawalha,my all time favourite actress on television again even if they are playing repeats of her TV/film work and i have never got bored ever with Julia Sawalha or the roles she portrayed as a performer,Julia is both extremely beautiful and she works so hard to give both her fans and other viewers such wonderful performances and is so much a normal person when she is not acting,i always loved Julia so much for that .I was never really interested in Pamela Anderson type actresses,that sort of actress to me always acted amateurish or supermodels who ended up as actresses or some American actresses whose performances ended up more and more irritating with every performance as i have seen most of those type of actresses act and it always looked very Hollywood and fake to me.Julia Sawalha will always be my all time favourite actress for a lot of reasons and would like to have the pleasure to meet that lovely actress one day just to say thanks for being so brilliant both on and off screen.Julia has played some wonderful characters in her career as an actress so far and i will keep a lookout for Julia's next role.Looking forward to seeing more of Jonathan Creek if the BBC make any more,i hope so because Julia Sawalha was brilliant as usual and i cannot see any other actress to play the female sidekick to Jonathan Creek other than Julia Sawalha,She's fantastic.

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