CSI: Miami
CSI: Miami
TV-14 | 23 September 2002 (USA)
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    Terrible acting, screenplay and direction.

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    Surprisingly incoherent and boring

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    Derrick Gibbons

    An old-fashioned movie made with new-fashioned finesse.

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    The story, direction, characters, and writing/dialogue is akin to taking a tranquilizer shot to the neck, but everything else was so well done.

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    The first second third and fourth season of this show are absolutely masterpiece excellent characters excellent cinematography excellent dialogue and excellent case history background history like the one with Horatio s brother sadly season 5 and 6 are not that great , season 7 even more , season 8 and 9 i don't know which one is worse , at least season 10 is not that bad as season 8 and 9 the reason why i love the series so much (no matter the latest season that wasn't that good) its because the Horatio's character and Caruso's interpretation the perfect symbolism of a local hero he wasn't a cop he was a hero and at least in the first 5 season the made him a hero that was broken inside with a very interesting history and handle really whell a lot of sentimentalism a lot of hard choices and it was a series with really good messages you have to see the 10 episode of the 3 season about how the American people of Miami want to reject the latinamerican people and the crew fight against this stupid Donald trump type of revolution or the episode where Horatio stops a pedofile or when he helps a retard its absolutely masterpiece nothing compare to it so sentimental..and just for that 10/10 and it makes me sad that the rest of the people don't see it that way ...so stupid

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    While this show had been good to me for many years, and would make a good show to marathon on Netflix, this show is simply trash police propaganda, as with all other shows such as this. I will never watch this show, or any show like this, again. While at one time it was good to me and good for me, it's plainly propaganda for the police and other hands of government that I want no part of. That negates anything else this show has to offer. This belongs in the trash and in the past, as do the rest of the shows like this. One of the most iconic TV Show openings of all time doesn't save this sexualized and disgusting mess of a crime show.

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    I think CSI Miami is the Worst CSIs, worst cast they can't act like the other CSIs David Caruso is just too much like Howdy-Doody meets James Dean. Please, David...lose the shades. What I also disliked was how his character always has to finish everybody else's thoughts or state the obvious, just in case his partners (or the TV audience) are too stupid to figure it out on their own.But I think this show is an 'Ode to David Caruso'. Its one thing that CSI circles around Grisson (William Petersen), but CSI Miami puts too much emphasis on Caruso.Correct me if I'm wrong, but I also think Caruso is a terrible actor. He's too lame, and brings Miami down where CSI (Las Vegas) is more complete a cast.I mean how many times will Caruso put his sunglasses on, say that he will save the day, and then walk away. Its too repetitive.The original CSI has similar problems, but Petersen brings more interest to his character. Horatio Cane if anything is a tool, and a rusty one at that.CSI Miami is okay, but they have to change all the casts, and bring back Speed

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    I haven't had a chance to watch this show for about 4 years because I've been so busy... However, I recently got Netflix and have caught up... I will say that a few years ago, this was my favorite of the CSI's. However, I can't believe they took this show in such a bad direction the last 2 seasons!... This show sucks ass!!! I am so glad it ended!!! All of the police brutality, bad attitudes, lack of following the law and just plain stupidity put this show in the shitter... I can't believe that this show stayed on the last 3 seasons; it gave cops a bad name and I've never seen any show do that, LOL, dumb asses! Again, I'm so glad it ended!

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