Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Jimmy Kimmel Live!
TV-14 | 26 January 2003 (USA)
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    Such a frustrating disappointment

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    Good idea lost in the noise

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    Absolutely Brilliant!

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    Tayyab Torres

    Strong acting helps the film overcome an uncertain premise and create characters that hold our attention absolutely.

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    Kimmel has become very rude and obnoxious over the years. He is also the worst late night host on TV today aside from Stephen Colbert. What used to be a decent late night program has since turned into a platform for bashing the President, his family, and his administration every single night. Like Colbert, it is clear to me that Kimmel gets easily and frequently triggered by anything that the President does and then proceeds to cry and complain about it on air. I don't tune into late night comedy programs to listen to nonsense like this. If I want to listen to anything political, I'll turn on the news.

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    Jimmy Kimmel LiveJimmy lacks spontaneity and hosting quality and if the host ain't worth it then how much of a change can behind the stage will make.

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    Mary Collins

    Shame on you, Jimmy Kimmel!My husband and I both have enjoyed your show from the beginning - until now.The Royals and Eric Stonestreet came to your show to pay off the bet you made on the World Series.You were insulting to your Mets and all of us here in Kansas City.Last year, when the Royals didn't win the World Series, our town rallied around them and thanked them for what they accomplished in even making it to the World Series, and doing their best in spite of not winning the final game. Perhaps support like this means something - And the white trash comment? Come on - Jimmy - you're better than that.But what would us country bumpkins know - Not that you care, but we have deleted your show off our recording list. We thought your humor was all in fun, but after watching this show, you were just insulting.Signed,No longer fans in KC

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    Tim A

    Having watched several years of Carson and Leno, I was really unprepared for Jimmy Fallon. I had known him a little from Saturday Night Live and had seen a few minutes of his late show, but really not enough to make a formed opinion.I barely made it through his first Tonight Show. Fallon is much like a child screaming "look at me" as he goes down a slide... it's not very entertaining, it can be annoying and it takes no talent. I had watched a few episodes of Jimmy Kimmel's show prior to Leno leaving and he seemed okay. Not being a fan of Letterman, I decided to give Kimmel a try before permanently switching to reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond. I've been watching Kimmel for several weeks now and unlike Fallon, he is very funny, his jokes are crafted and most importantly he feels honest. Perhaps one of my biggest complaints about Fallon is that he is extremely fake and put-together. He recently even did a polar plunge in his "signature" suit. How ridiculously fake is that?I compare that to Kimmel who wore a loomed suit made of rubber bands for an entire show for a good cause. He even choked up a bit talking to the child on-stage. It was honest emotion and gave him humanity that Fallon just does not have. For those who've never seen his Thursday "Censored" bit, it really can be quite funny. If you enjoyed Leno's "Headlines" you might like this also.

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