The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
| 25 May 1992 (USA)
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    You won't be disappointed!

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    best movie i've ever seen.

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    Pretty good movie overall. First half was nothing special but it got better as it went along.

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    This is a dark and sometimes deeply uncomfortable drama

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    Nor never could be. As there is only one Carson. And one Ed McMahon and one Doc Severson. But still, Jay works his own charm and is seen as a really nice and down to earth guy. Sure he is not also Letterman nor funny as Letterman.But Jay treats the guests at least with decency and kindness. Plus he tries to make them at ease. Unlike Letterman does. But like Johnny, Letterman has his own sense of humor. While Jay has charisma and niceness about him.But nobody can ever top Johnny Carson nor never will! But Jay is about pretty close!

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    I love your show. I think the Tonight Show is as popular as it ever has been. Jay is one of the five funniest men in the world. Kevin and Smitty crack me up. Keep up the great work!As you are aware, Osama Bin Laden's niece, the daughter of his half-brother, was awarded a Reality TV show. This beckons a few suggestions:1. The winners receive a scenic tour of the mountains of Afghanistan. 2.The losers must spend a day hunting with Dick Cheney. 3. The show may literally be a "bomb." This would land it on NBC.Harry Jaffe Gurnee, IL 224-381-6844

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    I cannot understand why anybody likes Jay Leno. He's the worst comedian i've EVER seen, and the jokes he and his staff write are equally awful. He's also the worst interviewer i've ever seen in my life, and he asks the stupidest questions and he is perverted and creepy and not a bit funny. Carson Daily is honestly funnier than Jay Leno. I am writing this to get people to realize that Jay Leno does not deserve his show, and there are literally thousands of comedians that are much funnier than him. I have not seen Letterman enough times to compare the two, but i have seen Conan and the Daily show hundreds of times, and they don't even compare. Conan and Stewart (even Kimmel, and Kilborn) are on a completely different level than Leno. If you watch Conan then immediately watch Leno, you will see the huge difference. Conan is a great host and his writers are excellent, and it is just the opposite with Leno. It is a disgrace for Leno to be on the same network as Conan.Quite possibly one of the all time worst shows. Some shows are occasionally funny, but this show is consistently horrible. I know The Tonight Show gets great guests and has funny segments such as "headlines" and "jay walking" but these things can be done with any host. I was very happy when i found out this show was being canceled, because Jay Leno has no good qualities and should be the last person to have his own talk show.

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    John Wayne Peel

    I have seen Jay Leno perform in one way or another since 1974 when no one knew who Jay Leno was, and I have to tell you. Seeing him live is better when he isn't saddled with a late night talk show format.Forget the comparison to Johnny or David Letterman. It's not even apples and oranges. It's more like apples and grapefruits. It's all in your personal taste and I see a lot of the monologue jokes sub-standard to what Jay wrote for himself in his own act.But putting that aside for a moment, Jay's ease with his guests and his interviewing style have so improved since the early days. He seems like he's been there forever and not just the ten plus years so far and he seemed that way the very first time he took over for Johnny before Johnny went away.But what I can say is that sometimes his political commentary gets me p.o.'d and I have to change the channel in disgust. Here, Dave is the better of the two hosts. It never seems to be a personal assessment when he does political humor... much like Johnny Carson did for those ALMOST 30 years. (He went on first on October of 62 and left in the summer of 92. You do the math.)But I still can't stand the theme and that ROTTEN CARICATURE. I have been doing caricature for as long as Johnny Carson was on the show, and I have done better. In fact, I did one that I gave to Jay personally in the mid 1970s which he still has (Jimmy Brogan told me and I have known Jimmy for almost as long as I've known Jay.)So if you're reading this, Jay, give me a call or e-mail me. I've got a better one - and I can even send you an animated one if you'd like.And besides, Jay, you don't deserve the lambasting some of these people have given you. ...and that's a wrap...

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