In the Heat of the Night
In the Heat of the Night
| 06 March 1988 (USA)
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    I like the storyline of this show,it attract me so much

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    Very Cool!!!

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    Nayan Gough

    A great movie, one of the best of this year. There was a bit of confusion at one point in the plot, but nothing serious.

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    The movie's not perfect, but it sticks the landing of its message. It was engaging - thrilling at times - and I personally thought it was a great time.

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    "In the Heat of The Night" has been a very big part of my life since 1993. As a young Police Officer in the city of Winston-Salem,N.C., I recall catching the last two seasons on CBS. I was hooked!! As I watched every episode on TNT, I realized how genuine and true the characters were. I made my first trip to Covington,Ga in December 1996. I recall meeting some of the town folk and visiting the "Covington Flower Shop". (old gift shop) Everything looked the same; except the "POLICE" sign was removed from the exterior of the "Porter Memorial Library". It was like really being there. Howard Rollins died the very Sunday night I returned to N.C. Over the years going back to Covington, I made friends with Dan Biggers (Doc Rob) and Dee Shaw (Officer/Sgt Dee) Dan and I became such good friends he was the "Best Man" in my 2004 wedding. Dan and I returned to Covington back in November 2006. We always eat dinner at "Michaelangelo's" in Conyers,Ga. This was the "Old McGuffy House" used in many episodes. It is awesome how folks see Dan and crowd around the table. Mickey Jones (Willie Baylor) and I even became friends from one the "Heat" reunions and my wife and I were invited to his "Movie Screening" of "Simple Things" in Asheville,N.C. back in October 2006. Since 1998, my Law Enforcement experience changed from "City" to "State". The show still provided a means of escape and comfort even seeing each episode 100 times fold. Now, like a lot of good folks, it is gone, and no one can seem to tell us "Where are those DVD'S"!!!! I can only hope one day the DVD's will appear. All the Cast were great!!! I miss the departed and wish nothing but success to all the other Cast Members. Some have vanished completely, retired, regular jobs, Mary Kay, Politics, etc. I was hoping years ago before Carroll died there was a chance for a "Reunion Movie". Let's keep the fingers crossed for the DVD's...???

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    I Enjoyed The TV Series In The Heat Of The Night I Would Like To Know When It Is Going To Be Put On DVD For The Public To Buy? It Was A Very Good TV Show And I Would Like To Be Able To Put It In To My DVD Collection. The Show Was On For A Long Time But Their Were Other Shows On For Shorter Periods Of Time And Were Not As Good And Are Already On DVD. Carroll O'Connor Did A Great Acting Job As The Chief And Later On As The Sheriff. All Of The Roles Were Casted Right To Me The TV Series Was Better Than Movie Was Every Player Fit Their Role Perfectly. I Really Like The Cast That Was Put Behind O'Connor They Really Made The Show And Each Episode Made One Cast Member Or The Other A Hero Of The Show Than Just Make The Same Person The Hero Every time.

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    I found that the series was very realistic, and in some cases very funny. The characters seem real, and the plots are interesting. The cast that was chosen could not have been better. That acting was done well, and it was very sincere. Especially, when the show got into the heart of difficult issues. This might sound a bit silly, but the show meant a lot to me, because it was one of the last shows that was true to what it was, and one of the best series that has ever been produced in my mind.The one thing that I would really like to know, if someone somewhere is trying to come up with a DVD collection of the series. I know that I would probably be first in line. It is a show that I enjoyed, and miss watching a great deal.

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    It's extremely rare these days to find a film-to-tv spin-off that actually works (anybody remember 'Working Girl'?) but this 'Heat' is a worthy exception. It also has a strong, original slant of it's own -- the quirky (and, since this is the fictional South, sometimes downright eccentric) ways that ordinary people behave in extraordinary situations. Of course, in lazier moments this can sometimes mean genre cliches. And as the years go on it becomes increasingly difficult -- due to a series of well-publicized internal troubles -- to find ALL the stars together in the same episode. But at its best, the show has some powerful things to say about the human condition...and at its worst, it's still a beautifully produced hour spent with some very likable characters.

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