The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police
The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police
| 04 October 1997 (USA)

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    Highly Overrated But Still Good

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    Absolutely the worst movie.

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    Good films always raise compelling questions, whether the format is fiction or documentary fact.

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    Kamila Bell

    This is a coming of age storyline that you've seen in one form or another for decades. It takes a truly unique voice to make yet another one worth watching.

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    A long time ago i discovered Sam & Max, in the form of the game Season One or Save The World in consoles. My 13 year old self was impressed, and decided to play all the other games. Soon after i finished with all the game series, i read somewhere on the net that there was a comic and an animated series about the duo. Then here i am, like half a decade later writing this review, so yeah, let's start. So i used two words to describe this: cheesy and edgy. Why? Why is it cheesy? This is cheesy because it is absurd, unrealistic. That's a good thing, though, as it matches perfectly the comic's "weirdy" atmosphere, where weird things happen, and these are so stupid they are unbelievable. This is what makes this cartoon funny.Why is it edgy? Some things here have double meaning, and some i'm surprised they weren't censored, or cut out, for example, in some dialog Sam slaps Max in the face, tells him to stay calm, and Max answers saying "Hit me again, i like it.". The comic's nature is like this, which makes this a good adaptation, even if it is very adapted for kids. So in conclusion, i think this is a good cartoon, though it is not for everyone. This is very very cheesy as i said earlier, but so are the games and comics. If you liked the duo's other media, you'll like this.

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    This is an awesome show with only 1 season, it starts out light hearted in tone like The Wacky World of Tex Avery, but later it takes a darker approach like in Regular Show.for the characters, you Have Sam and Max, a cop duo, than you have a orange haired girl nick-named Geek, a boss that the duo works with, and you have a Squidward Tennicals-espied stalker in a nerd get up named Lorne (Roger Bumpass would be perfect for him ^^), .as I said, This series is based on a series comics, but this awesome show made it better.And Nicktoons needs to Claim this, because they already ruined enough fake educational shows already like CatDog, Yakkity Yak and The Might B!. Becareful Fans, because Spongbob could be NN's next said Victim @_@ So if you like the comics, Check this out ^^ *starts Singing* Sam and Max, Exploding on to your computer screens with laughs, Makes a humor any size, and he's yours to customize, oh Yeah! they're the awesome S and M! Cross, Explode, the star of there very own show, The Hige Hige Bandits Causing Trouble, Shout Helps Freelance Police on the DoubleLook out, there there the original freelance police!

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    Sam & Max is a totally different breed of comic than your standard "Captain America" superhero book or "Dilbert" newspaper strip. And Steve Purcell, the artist and thinker behind the madness, had a lot of guts making it into a Fox kids TV show, since it was more of an "adultish" comic duo. The sad part is that a lot of Sam & Max fans were dissatisfied with the more family-friendly atmosphere, since it introduced a brainy little girl called simply "Geek" that designed improbable and incredible gadgets for the duo.But I'm here to allay your fears.The sort of humor backing every episode is classic Sam & Max. No, maybe it's not exactly like the comic books. No, maybe it isn't a carbon copy of Lucasart's fantastic adventure game "Sam & Max: Hit the Road." But what you will find in here is Sam using a wide vocabulary and spouting off bombastic exclamations. Max is the same old hyperkinetic rabbity-thing that just wants to see justice served as violently as possible. And while the whole of the series is a bloodless affair, you'll find most of the humor in the banter that is volleyed between the two at a dizzying pace. The dialogue, the tasteful use of puns, and the voice work are impeccable.It proves that you don't necessarily have to make something more edgy to make it good. While there are cheesy parts in places due to the sometimes-too-tame atmosphere, it's an overall very enjoyable romp through the world of Sam & Max. Besides, what kids these days are going to get jokes like a parodied Jerry Springer or the game show password? It's a little childish in spots, but it's definitely Sam & Max, and you're going to love it.

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    I love this cartoon!I first got introduced to Sam and Max thru their Lucasarts video games, and when I heard about this cartoon, I HAD to see it :)It was everything I expected, even though it was a kid's show, it still had the same "adult" humour present in the video game. The stories are funny, the gags are funny and the relationship between Sam and Max is just special.If you loved the game, you KNOW you'll love this. If you haven't seen the game, watch this, love it, THEN get the game.No, I am not a Lucasarts employee, this show really rules :)

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