Falcon Crest
Falcon Crest
NR | 04 December 1981 (USA)
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    Very very predictable, including the post credit scene !!!

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    Beautiful, moving film.

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    Matylda Swan

    It is a whirlwind of delight --- attractive actors, stunning couture, spectacular sets and outrageous parties.

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    Actress is magnificent and exudes a hypnotic screen presence in this affecting drama.

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    Beings that Im from the Napa Valley I followed this series from beginning to end. I loved it. I have made many trips up to the filming site and have toured the Estate on a number of occasions. It was a great place to take visiting friends and relatives. My favorite episodes were at the beginning years of the show when Abby Daulton was still in the show. But, they were all good. Angelia Channing was the female version of J.R. Ewing. The intro was always a thrill for me to see, the black Mercedes drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and into the Napa Valley down highway 29 being able to see all the familiar sites as I knew growing up there. A great show and a great way to introduce people tho the world of wine making.

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    I loved this drama. I thought this was better than Dynasty. I loved Jane Wyman playing the role of matriarch. The casting was first rate and the writing was stellar if not better than Dynasty and Dallas combined. The cast included Kim Novak, Ana Alicia, Lana Turner, Lorenzo Lamas, and so many others not to mention who graced this show at some point. The show always carried itself more like a drama than a soap opera. I always felt that Falcon Crest was treated unfairly in favor of the more outrageous Dynasty or Dallas. There were no cat fights or explicit or outrageous behavior. They always appeared with class, style, dignity, and grace. That is why I think it was superior to it's other shows. Falcon Crest came on and stayed with us for nine years. We're waiting for DVD.

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    Here's a nighttime soap with an attitude. I remember the tagline " One good stab in the back deserves another" while promoting this wicked fun soap opera about a lady who starts up her own winery in italy! Colorful characters are many, and dull moments are few. My personal favorite character was the gorgeous Ana Alicia as Melissa Agretti. The first seven seasons were a blast. But when Season 8 took off, Ana Alicia was killed off, and that awful Kristin Alfonso was put on to replace her. Ugh! But none the less, the series kept up for two more seasons, and it ended with-in my opinion- the best series ending horangue that was ever written. The acting was very campy and hard to watch alot of the time, but the script was so good and the good actors did their best to cover it up. Alas, it worked! When one gets a chance to view ANY episode of this glitzzy soap, they must watch and laugh!

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    I got hooked on this show after the first few years had passed. These nighttime soap operas were known for their season-ending cliffhangers and this one was no exception. The best seasons of the series were 1986-1989, when they experimented with a faster-paced style of storytelling that was quite smart and exciting. This had by far the best sense of humor of all the soaps and featured excellent acting from Jane Wyman, Ana-Alicia, David Selby and Susan Sullivan (now on "Dharma and Greg") Interesting note: during many of its later years, this show's music was composed by Mark Snow, who went on to do the famous "X-Files" theme and score. I wish they still showed reruns of this show somewhere!

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