Burn Notice
Burn Notice
TV-PG | 28 June 2007 (USA)
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    Wonderful Movie

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    As Good As It Gets

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    Admirable film.

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    Humaira Grant

    It’s not bad or unwatchable but despite the amplitude of the spectacle, the end result is underwhelming.

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    Ritvik Nandipati

    The show is fairly good and it introduces new characters every season so that the show can go on. But frankly it is just B.S, and makes fool of the viewers. It assumes the users cannot realize when they are being used. There is no proper story line and the acting of Micheal is pathetic by any standards. This is a hopeless show and I personally cant figure out why people watch it. If you are new user, please do your self a favor and stay from this. Definitely not worth this useless content.

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    I loved the premise of a burnt spy doing freelance work while trying to find out who burnt him and why.Pros- I love the narration, that to me makes the show. Knowing what the main character is doing, why and the intended result is interesting. I like the camaraderie between Sam, Fionna, Madeline, Jessie and Michael. I like when they involve Madeline in their "jobs". It's pretty cool watching her evolve into an honorary spy. The fight scenes are always fun to watch too. Cons - The whole "Robin hood" style approach can get old and there are times where I think the characters are too noble (primarily using bean bag rounds is a little silly). Fiona is attractive but not the end all like the show portrays her. In 7 seasons I only ever saw one guy resist her charms. Really?? No woman is that hot. I really don't like how Michael can be manipulated so easily. He is repeatedly blackmailed throughout the series making him appear weak.

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    I am not a huge TV or series person but I fell in Love with this show. I did a marathon and watched it start to finish in a few days. I'm so sad to hear it's not going to return. It's entertainment. I've read some comments that it can give wrong ideas but it's entertainment and behind all the action and ENTERTAINMENT, they did an amazing job at selecting the characters, writing story lines, and showing real life emotions, issues, and feelings. If you just watch one show you may feel it's just an action show but if you really enjoy the entire series you get to bind w each character and what they go through which is very similar to real life issues. For all the bad examples for our younger toutg music, media, and other shows and avenues this show allows action but in the end great values. It depicts the bond of true friendship, love for the family, and all the small yet real life issues everyone goes through. I think this show was amazing! It could have been any mission but in the end the family, friendship, and integrity of good people is always portrayed. I am to the point with TV and all these reality shows and garbage on TV that it's almost not worth watching. In fact I usually just watch movies for this reason. But I did a marathon and watched it start to finish. I even cxl plans w friends to finish it. I really hope the network realizes that there are too many shows on TV now that are all moving towards garbage, reality shows that only show people despite how rich they are at their worst. And the sad part is they don't even seem to realize how pathetic they are for showing their lives to everyone and hiding behind their money and glamor when in reality who cares. It's not real entertainment, it's just more garbage and I know lots of people who move towards just getting movies now because TV stinks. Shows like this are rare! It always kept me interested and always wanting to know what happened next. I was a huge Hreys Anatomy fan, not anymore they just took out Patrick Dempsey. And I enjoyed House a lot but even that show after awhile has I believe fizzled out. This show could go on forever. Just like SVU, tgrt could write any mission, and as long as the main characters continue to be the center of truly good values and integrity despite the realistic struggle Michael had in working through emotional struggles yet making the right choice. Or his mother doing whatever it took to be a mother, and the loyalty and amazing friendship even when they brought Jesse on was unique. I'm not sure what they are truly like in person but I know the network and actors did an amazing job at entertaining their fans. Fiona, was beautiful, tough, and devoted. Michael, was what can I say, handsome, intelligent, and amazing. Sam and Jesse were the best friends any person could want and Michaels mom was the kind of moms we need more all over the world. Minus the obvious entertainment aspect from the extreme action but behind it all she like the rest always highlighted the importance on trying to do the right thing, always being there for each other, and doing it with the greatest integrity even when it was hard. I would beg the network and anyone involved to please bring the show back! I loved tge trilogy w Jdaon Bourne but to me this show was even better and tgrt could go on for years. To me who thought Grey's Anatomy and House were the only two shows I would watch is surprised to say that this show hands down best both of them. Please bring it back! If even for a few years or start writing movies for the same cast. Bring back his mom with a surprise escape or find a way to continue writing the show. I think the cast did such an amazing job at having such a huge impact on fans you could almost write any story line and people would still love it because of their character. They all were amazing individuals and even if it took a totally different turn on how or why they are together allowing Michael and Fiona to keep their promise away from the CIA people would still watch. I believe you could keep it going for years even with no COA plot line just how the group fights together for the better lives of other people. And focussing on raising Nates son. Let us fans know what we have to do to bring the show back:-) we love it!

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    In a nutshell, first 3 seasons were excellent, top drawer. Seasons 4-5 were touch and go.. some episodes poorly executed, others quite good. Season 6 was different, more like an action feature film, but the quality of script and directing was excellent and consistent with the earlier seasons (some eps are incredible). Season 7 keeps this review vote an 9/10 instead of 10/10. S7 was just sloppy, poorly written, very badly acted, zero chemistry between actors, generally boring, excessively dark, and just seemed like a 'bonus' series, unrelated to the original 1-6 Seasons. Just to be clear- I am a huge fan of the show, but I am not a zombie who can't admit to a very bad last season like many others fans applauding the series. The same downfall happened to Nip/Tuck in Season 6.. simply out of sync with the prior 5 seasons, but for Burn Notice it was more painful. This kind of phenomenon is also illustrated well in movie sagas like Star Wars, Superman, Godfather and Aliens. The first 2 films in those series were high quality, but the third installment was an insult, kind of like Season 7 of Burn Notice. For me, the show ended satisfactorily with Season 6... I can accept an unhappy ending that doesn't wrap things up too neatly and leaves fans to imagine how things finished. Sometimes the best conclusions to an action series drama is one that doesn't actually end!

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