Ben 10: Omniverse
Ben 10: Omniverse
TV-Y7 | 01 August 2012 (USA)
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    I love this movie so much

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    Absolutely brilliant

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    Donald Seymour

    This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time. You have to go and see this on the big screen.

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    By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.

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    This is my second time writing this review because for some odd reason IMDB took down my last review. This might not be as good as my last but I will try to make it useful as possible. In my opinion Ben 10 Omniverse is the best show the franchise had to offer. The only reason why a lot of people don't like this show is because art style, theme song or the fact that Ben is not serious. However the theme can be very annoying but the actual episodes are gold. Plus he has access to all of his aliens and it definitely deserves a higher rating then just 5.9/10.Okay I have to admit breaking up with Julie and bringing back Kai wasn't the best move the show had to offer but other then that it is worth the watch if you are a true fan of Ben 10 like I am.Look I have watched the Original Show, Alien Force and Ultimate Alien and I personally think Ultimate Alien wasn't the best show in the franchise. Since it made a lot of changes to what Ben 10 should have been and just wasn't anything special but I shall discuss Ultimate Alien some other time on another review but its no where near as bad as the reboot. The best episodes of the series are definitely And Then There Were None/Ben, the showdown arc, the rooters arc and A new dawn. Those episodes would blow your minds. On top of that if you watch the episodes really closely you would notice there is a lot of references and easter eggs to upcoming events, pop culture and generally other show. Which I really like about this show. Omniverse also brought back stuff from the Original series and Alien Force which Ultimate Alien got rid of. At least I know Ben doesn't need to go Ultimate to win a fight or isn't a lousy shot at shooting and Ben doesn't go cold hearted when Kevin mutated again. However Omniverse did also mess up the continuity by air episodes of events which would have happened before that actually episode (if you get what I mean). Again don't get me wrong the art style is good and the voice actors all did a marvelous job at voicing there characters at least they never overcasted Dee Bradley Baker as every alien like they did in the previous two shows. But I wish they kept his as Humangasour, Armodrillo, Chromastone and Eatle because he was more better as those characters then John Dimaggo or Eric Bauza. In the final two seasons we have Mark Hamil himself join the franchise as the main villain which was very fun. Plus no matter how much you would hate Omniverse there would always be worst out there (Ben 10 2016 and Teen Titans Go!) and after all it is the very last show on Cartoon Network to be a 22 minute action show. before Christina Miller came along and ruined the network. At least Omniverse actually has that good balance between action and comedy unlike todays shows on Cartoon Network which are just mostly comedies and literally no action shows plus it was a good way to get younger audiences interested in the Ben 10 Franchise which I think Ultimate Alien was lacking especially when it came to some of its writing.As I have meantined on my review for Ben 10 Alien Force don't listen to the haters of the show you never know you might actually like it. Overall if you are a true fan of Ben 10 and you were not that happy with the changes in UA or because of the reboot abomination I would recomand you watch Omniverse to complete the whole franchise. I am not sure about the USA but in the UK the series is available on ITunes and other sites like Hulu I think it should be the same for the USA. Just one more thing to add on. josephboot-188-316279 Ben 10 Omniverse and Teen Titans Go! are not created by the same people. Next time you do a review on here do research before putting anything erlevent down and Ben 10 Omniverse is not like Teen Titans Go, its nothing like Teen Titans Go!.

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    The only problems i had with this show were ben's lack of character development from UAAF and (temporarily) the animation style.Yes, it may seem childish at first, but once you watch the show for a while, i promise it will start to grow on you, this animation really gives some expression over UAAF's bland and expressionless animation style, as if coming from a "how to draw anime" art book.Yes, the show may seem uninteresting at first, but the plot digs deeper, and it stays loyal to UAAF fans, since it includes some big plot twists that dig back to those two previous shows.

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    Adam Rock

    Alien Force and Ultimate Alien are really good cartoons. I grew up in 80s when cartoons were good and I thought that quality had gone away until I found these shows by accident. SO GOOD. Excellent productions from the voices, story, animation, direction, everything -- really top notch.But this ABORTION of a series (Omniverse) is just trash. Toss it away, forget it ever happened, and bring back the goodness that we all know and love. AF and UA is what we want. Don't waste your time on this particular series. And from the other reviews I see here, I'm not alone in this line of judgment.

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    today i gonna say is omnivores is worst than all the cartoons i hate i big fan of Ben 10 series but seeing this makes me that i may vomit i mean who the heck came out with idea to change Ben cute face to horrible one and his eyes don't even have pupils i am seriously disappointed with it and who came up with break up of Julie and Ben i mean they were cute as couple i miss the old Ben 10 series and wish they would stop omnivores season and start contuning the real story with old animation.and they should really make Julie and Ben a couple again if they don't and bring some one else in Julie place i believe even kids wont watch it any more because my small bro hates these series.

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