TV-MA | 09 August 2014 (USA)
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    To me, this movie is perfection.

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    Instead, you get a movie that's enjoyable enough, but leaves you feeling like it could have been much, much more.

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    Aneesa Wardle

    The story, direction, characters, and writing/dialogue is akin to taking a tranquilizer shot to the neck, but everything else was so well done.

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    This is a dark and sometimes deeply uncomfortable drama

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    Unbelievable production quality and writing. I think I'm pretty harsh on shows but this show is amazing too to bottom. Warning: Very graphic show not for kids in the slightest.

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    Personally I am disappointed...from the 7. episode became pure porno! In addition they killed the romance, magic, waiting and excitement in a couple of minutes.

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    I discovered Outlander almost by accident, while trawling for a semi-decent time-travel show, as I had been going through a phase of enjoying such things. Good ones are hard to find, so my expectations were low.Season one hooked me like nothing else I've ever seen. It became almost an obsession.I was blown-away by the perfect mix of so many different genres, all intertwining with seamless unity; romance, sci-fi, history, war, costume drama, political thriller, erotic fantasy... the list goes on. In fact, I would struggle to think of a genre that doesn't in some way find representation in this exquisite melting pot. There are even a few musical numbers!But what really grabbed me by the throat and wouldn't let go was the sublime combination of epic, heart-melting romance and brutally graphic realism, featuring (in the final two episodes of season 1) some of the most violent and sustained scenes of male rape and torture that I've ever seen.I cannot emphasise enough how thrilling it is as a viewer to be treated like a fully-rounded and intelligent human being, equally capable of being swept away by a dreamy romance, and enduring unspeakable horrors - all within the same dramatic framework. I love the experience of being served-up a multi-course banquet, rather than the few meagre scraps that some faceless arbiter considered I could handle.And as Outlander continued to expand and evolve into seasons two and three, it continued to deliver in ever increasing quantities. Season one was muddy and gritty, and blood-soaked. Season two was sumptuous and elegant, with some French grime and pestilence thrown in, before returning to the mud. Season three was all of the above, plus an ocean voyage and tropical foliage. And all of that is just the two-hundred-years-ago part. Let's not forget the WWII scenes, or Scotland of the 1940s, or Scotland and Boston of the 1960s either. It just goes on and on...The period detail is authentic and beautifully visualised, as is every aspect of the show's cinematography, art direction, and wardrobe. The scripts are intelligent, well-paced, and by all accounts perfect adaptations from the original books (which I've chosen not to read until all TV seasons are finished).And the performances from every member of the cast are uniformly excellent, with the possible exception of Simon Callow who was ever the ham. Special mention must go to Tobias Menzies, who in a dual-role gets to explore polar opposites of humanity, as a saintly husband and a vicious psychopathic rapist, and manages to perform both extremes with equal levels of subtlety and verisimilitude. His work in Outlander is a master-class .In every way Outlander surpassed by wildest hopes and expectations, and I just keep coming back to it. I have to consciously force myself to watch something else whenever I log-in to Amazon Prime and see it there waiting for me.And now that I've finally gotten round to reviewing it, which has been daunting due to how much I want to say, I feel unable to resist the compulsion any more. Time to leap back through the stones again!

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    Loved each and every season of outlander great cast , story , acting , world building etc etc.

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