TV-14 | 11 July 2011 (USA)

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    That was an excellent one.

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    Such a frustrating disappointment

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    Absolutely the worst movie.

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    Usamah Harvey

    The film's masterful storytelling did its job. The message was clear. No need to overdo.

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    Chappy Watched

    I found this series hard to watch, mainly because I didn't like any of the characters.More notably disliked were David Strathairn's 'Dr. Lee Rosen' and Malik Yoba's 'Bill Harken', who I just wanted to reach into the TV screen and punch in the face for most of the time.I found some of the story lines to be pretty predictable and boring but having said all that, I did really like seeing some non-typical powers on the show and not the generic ones that always appears in these type of shows.I have no interest in watching the second season and I'm not entirely surprised that it got cancelled.

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    Mike Hulden

    The film Alphas really is nice. The script is good the camera-work and directing is great. The main actors "all rock except one"! The character Gerry played by: Ryan Cartwright is overacting like it would be a theater play and spoils a and everything as he is playing a very active role....Its a pity, as I like the film but each time he come up the film becomes as credible as a film for kids. It would have been more credible if the cast of Gerry would have been someone more old and less childish. As for now even his spoken parts when he does not wave around in the air, are incredibly childish. Sad to have to say this ...but it truly made me stop seeing this otherwise great series after only 3chapters. After this I will look at any film so that this actor isn't on the cast.

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    I just got through seeing "Alphas" on Amazon Instant Video for free. I saw every episode, all 24. It's too bad Syfy cancelled "Alphas". It was entertaining, interesting, not boring. Why they cancelled it I don't know. The action was good and the special effects were credible.Usually Syfy TV series are awful. Usually the special effects in Syfy TV series are terrible. However, in "Alphas" they were pretty good. The characters were also credible and developed. I think Syfy should have had at least 1 more season. I think there was enough potential content to fill another season. Syfy also should have allowed "Alphas" to have an ending with finality, something where viewers would be satisfied. It appears to me the writers for "Alphas" wanted to continue with another season but Syfy just cancelled them.In a situation such as this, where the Network wants to cancel, I think Syfy should have at least allowed 1 more episode to allow for a definitive ending for the series.Good series, 8 out of 10.

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    The canceling of this show is a worse travesty than the canceling of FIREFLY!! Do you (the producers, etc. of this show) want to be known as THE WORSE VERSIONS OF THE FIREFLY CANCELERS? Do you? I didn't think so. PLEEEEEEEEASE bring it back!! The characters are rich and lifelike. The story line is comic book meets 24. The sex is amazing. The powers are on par with Marvel. The explanations for the powers are better than Marvels. The relationships between the characters are both enticing and tasteful, the dynamic between Dr. Rosen and the rest of the team is deep and realistic without being boring, and the depiction of Gary is the most realistic depiction of autism in the entertainment industry today. The world needs to know how Gary perceives them! They must! Its beautiful, heart-wrenching, and powerful. I swear, if they don't bring it back I will pout the most EPIC NERD POUT OF ALL TIME. OF ALL TIME!!!

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