TV-14 | 24 July 1994 (USA)
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    Undescribable Perfection

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    Fresh and Exciting

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    At first rather annoying in its heavy emphasis on reenactments, this movie ultimately proves fascinating, simply because the complicated, highly dramatic tale it tells still almost defies belief.

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    Ezmae Chang

    This is a small, humorous movie in some ways, but it has a huge heart. What a nice experience.

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    Paul Evans

    Wycliffe ran for five years, gathering quite a loyal fan base. Jack Shepherd is strong in the title role, Wycliffe is intelligent, thoughtful and cool, if lacking a sense of humour somewhat. Aided by his competent team including DS Lane and DI Kersey, they solve mysteries in and around Cornwall. The Cornish setting is glorious and adds massively, gives the show a cosy feeling.At times it can feel a little slow paced and a bit beige, you'll see more floral sofas then you can imagine. That said it can be very gritty and dramatic, without going overboard. Highlights include episodes such as dance of the Scorpions and Land's End, I think it gets better as it progresses.It has dated a little, but still has lots to offer the mystery fan. If like myself you enjoy the likes of Hetty Wainthrop you're sure to enjoy this. 7/10

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    I found this series to be quite enjoyable although, as one other reviewer noted, it could be somewhat slow at times. The character development is very good as we see the all-too human side of them: Jack Shepherd's Wycliffe is a family man who is not your typical gung-ho copper although he is very good. Helen Masters plays a professional Inspector who happens to be quite good-looking and also has personal problems with men outside of work (has trouble maintaining a dating life which seems fairly common for police). Jimmy Yuill plays my personal favorite as the DS with lots of personal problems: drinks too much, smokes too much and has temper issues but to me is also 'good police.'It's a shame that (as I read from a Jimmy Yuill biography) the show ended on a sour note cast-wise as they decided to quit the series rather than continue without Mr. Yuill...classy in my opinion.

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    Wycliffe is a gritty,tense detective show set in Cornwall.The main character Charles Wycliffe is an old fashioned,grumpy detective dedicated to his profession. He is joined by a beer loving,maverick and an ambitious modern woman looking to climb the ladder as best she can. Wycliffe relies solely on conventional means to solve his cases and usually stays within the realm of the law to catch the culprits. At times his work can stray into his home life.He can be relaxing at home with his wife and daughter when he gets an urgent call. The stunning scenery of Cornwall is used to great effect.It's a real joy to see Wycliffe speeding around the tight,winding roads in the pursuit of gathering evidence or tracking down a suspect. He also appears to be quite fond of the classic detective garment of a long trench coat

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    "Wycliffe" is a windswept and rain-sodden Police drama. It is set in Cornwall, the most westerly county in England. Standard dress for plain-clothes detectives appears to be a scruffy grey polo-neck sweater and waterproofs.The series centres around Detective-Superintendent Wycliffe, whose family life occasionally intrudes into the plots, and two subordinates: a woman Detective Inspector who has been pushed too fast into a senior rank, and a disillusioned male colleague.Even looking piratical, the Police appear to be intruders into a comparatively isolated community. Some of the office politics which occasionally feature, deal with Wycliffe's aversion to the latest fashionable management trends from London being foisted onto his force."Wycliffe" is well worth watching the series for the scenery alone, and hearing the slow local accents.

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