TV-PG | 17 September 1972 (USA)
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    One of my all time favorites.

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    Don't listen to the Hype. It's awful

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    Clever, believable, and super fun to watch. It totally has replay value.

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    Roman Sampson

    One of the most extraordinary films you will see this year. Take that as you want.

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    No other series comes close to this. Our hour nearly every evening with the cast of MASH is time well spent. As relevant today as it was in the seventies.

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    MASH was a classic black comedy. It was set in Korea but spoke out against Vietnam, When the Movie and book were successful enough to make a TV Series changes had to be made. Gone was the Hawkeye and Trapper John who were anarchists and doing what ever it was to relieve boredom and gone was the movie version of Frank burns a bible thumping hypocrite who was unlikable. Also gone was Duke Forrest the Southern redneck doctor. Spearchucker lasted a couple of episodes. When the show found its footing it focused on the main core group of Hawkeye Trapper John Col.Henry Blake Radar and Frank Burns and hot Lips The Series made Changes suddenly Hawkeye became a crusader who became almost a noble knight. Trapper was the Rebel who rebelled against authority while Hot Lips was the sex symbol and Frank Burns was no longer dangerous but bumbling. You could see thru out the show that these people cared deeply for one another. Great Acting all around and the stories are first notch.designed to make you think while laughing. Then the show changed around 75 gone was Henry Blake and trapper John. Replaced by Col. Sherman Potter and Captain B.J. Hunnicutt. Two of the best replacements. Klinger became more of a focus as well and the show became even more solid. It even survived the loss of Frank Burns and the arrival of Major Charles Emerson Winchester the third. and M.A.S.H felt more like a family. Well until its last episode. Even after Radar left the show didn't miss a beat. M.A.S.H. is one show that has all the magic and it never loses it even after 40 years . One of my favorite shows of all time. And a Show I'm proud to re watch over and over again.

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    A lot better than most shows but characters in this show tend to get very irritating if you are watching show regularly. Probably wouldn't be near as bad if I was only watching one or 2 episodes a day. For the most part I enjoyed about every episode except for maybe 5-10 episodes out of over 270 probably. Alan Alda I can tell is a very egotistical person. I can tell because it comes out in the episodes especially the ones he writes or directs. Most of all out of all the people in the show he was the worst actor I may have ever seen. I am a man and have a little ego also but his actually irritates me by the way he treats women in the show and sometimes wish another character in the show would hurt or kill him happily and have a new lead person in the show. But for the most part I actually enjoyed most of them.

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    That is, this series started out in 1972 to capitalize on the antipathy people had towards the Vietnam War, plus it blended well with the anti-establishment theme of the CBS prime time lineup as well. Then something horrible happened - that is for those financially backing the show - four months into production the Vietnam War effectively ended. Also, it was announced the draft would end. Poof. There goes the show's reason for existence. This is where the show "rolled with the punches". Rather than just dry up and blow away as an artifact of a time that had come and gone, it explored new avenues and ways to stay relevant. It explored friendship, maintaining family ties when far from home, and the shock of sudden death. At the end of eleven years, when the show called it a day, you had two characters that loathed each other in the beginning of the series practically declaring their love for one another, although they knew in peacetime it could never be.If you ever decide to go whole hog and buy the complete series, have patience with it. The first three episodes are not that good - the humor is very forced and were it not for the laugh track you might not get that a joke had just been told. But it does get much better rather quickly. Back in 1972 network shows were allowed time to get better. Now some network bean counter just pulls the plug and drags out some reality show replacement.

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