Top Gear
Top Gear
| 21 November 2010 (USA)

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    Very very predictable, including the post credit scene !!!

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    I cannot think of one single thing that I would change about this film. The acting is incomparable, the directing deft, and the writing poignantly brilliant.

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    Neive Bellamy

    Excellent and certainly provocative... If nothing else, the film is a real conversation starter.

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    Aiden Melton

    The storyline feels a little thin and moth-eaten in parts but this sequel is plenty of fun.

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    The only mistake they made was airing this show in the UK where the original version also played for decades. This led to about a hundred trolls running to IMDb and Youtube to discredit the show and whine about how sponsor-ships give the show a bigger and better budget... blah, blah, blah. Its presentation was excellent as the presenters were actually charismatic unlike previous attempts on British Government controlled TV (BBC). No presenters assaulted anyone or acted like prima donna's. British viewers still cried about it. Rutledge actually knew about cars, Tanner was an actual race car driver, and Adam was an enthusiast who was also funny (imagine that). Not to say British shows can't be good, they can be. It's just they are the British Government forcing their content down your throat which is frowned upon in the US, which is why the US is renowned worldwide for their content on the big and small screen. One day the UK will get it.

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    Diane Ruth

    What a bad idea. The American version of Top Gear is a total snooze. It lacks the creativity, charm, excitement, humor, interest, and just about everything else that makes the U.K. Top Gear so enthralling. Not to mention that none of these hosts have the charisma, personality, and wit of the original show's hosts. All this amounts to is a boring car show. Is Top Gear supposed to be simply a car show? If that was what it had been all these years, there wouldn't be so many seasons of it. The fun, the magic, the chemistry is completely missing in Top Gear USA. This attempt at an American take-off reminds one of that old saying about trying to capture lightning in a bottle.

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    Mackenzie Cornell

    I have enjoyed watching this show for the past 5 years. It's great to see America put some points on the board for the car industry. I love the camera shots and the producers' ability to portray an car like it's the Queen of Sheba simply from a camera angle or edit, and much of the entertainment would be nothing with out the three guys you would never expect to get along so well. This show did America justice. I have enjoyed watching these guys bring some comedy to my life and allow me to learn so much more about the automotive industry. It's easy to say that it sucks when you're comparing it to another show based in an entirely different country. This show is great because it's not about being better than the British version, it's about bringing that same attitude about cars to America, but in an American way. Tanner, Rutledge, and Adam are fantastically hilarious and knowledgeable about cars. It's helpful to see these guys have such different skill levels but also have such a confidence in what they know about cars. They are an inspiration to all of us.

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    The first time I watch the 1st season it was totally disappointment, to me as a top gear UK fans it was rubb*sh. It is like getting a G**ly car when you expect a Volk%*... Both are car but 1 is like a pirate version of the real car. But still since the Top Gear UK is not aired during certain month so I just watch the Top Gear US. The time pass by and when Top Gear US reach the 3rd season, I saw something different, it is the way they present the show that was totally change. And I LOVE IT. It makes me thing how come a totally different concept can change the way I see it. After that I realize that it is make sense, since Top Gear always compared to Top Gear UK so people already have a mind set of a standard Top Gear is the UK version which you can't compare. Those are different country, different person, different culture and many more of difference between them. Of course they need to change the concept which suite to the host, the place, the culture and more. Because it will create different chemistry with the audience and makes them open their mind for the difference that stated beneath them.Since I realize this, I able to enjoy the other top gear show. And keep in my mind that Jeremy is Clarkson and Tanner is Foust, they are different person. No one will able to replace Jeremy Clarkson and so does Tanner Foust. So I totally like the way the man behind the screen change the idea of presenting the whole season and each episodes. Its a great job but also a big home work especially if there are going to be another Top Gear in another country. Because their biggest problem is to get audience who already state their mind and thought that the standard top gear is the UK version and comparing the host to be like Clarkson, Hammond and May.So people, please sit and enjoy the Top Gear US. Open your mind for different set of Top Gear. It will refresh your view after watch this and continue with Top Gear UK later.I hope all other Top Gear to able succeed for their show.

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