TV-PG | 13 April 2004 (USA)
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    So much average

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    Don't Believe the Hype

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    Absolutely Fantastic

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    Janae Milner

    Easily the biggest piece of Right wing non sense propaganda I ever saw.

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    I gotta admit, I am a sucker for car shows. Yes, there are lots of them out there and I can sit through most of them admiring how the final product works out. Sadly this show seems to have lost its way. The shows premise is that supposedly a car in desperate need of restoration/repair and beloved by someone, is recommended to the show by another family member or friend. The car is taken away under some false story and then with the help of the other family members and legendary car builder Chip Foose, the car is brought back to its former glory....but a bit different. Here are the good things... 1. The show has Chip Foose. This guy is a genius and I love how he has great ideas and puts them into one of a kind masterpieces. 2. Hey, its a car show. Gotta love'em.The Bad: 1. Sorry but humor by Chris the host is...well...not funny. More than that its annoying and takes away from the show. Sometimes after about 20 min. of his endless parade of one liners and gags...I change channels...and don't come back. However when he plays it straight..I could listen to him for hours. 2. As some other commenters have said mentioned so many of the people who have their car worked on JUST want it brought back to its ORIGINAL condition. You can see that they are not that thrilled with it being "Foosed". Yeah, of course I get it...that's the premise of the show right? Then why not make it a show where people WANT to get their car done by him! I'd love to watch that! 3. Not a whole lot of facts and figures about the cars. Sometimes I really want to know more info about the car. Yeah, I know..that's not the purpose of the show. Still, a bit more would keep my interest! 4. The car being "borrowed" under false pretenses and then returned is a Cliché. Its been done and the 10 min. of extra silly drama grates on my nerves. Seriously...the first 15 min of the show should hook me to make me want to watch more. More often than not I shake my head at their poorly acted goofy antics ...and change channels. I'd love to see more folks..but Foose the heck out of this show or overhaul it. This formula ain't working...

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    Foose's show exhibits every dumb trick that makes these shows so irritating--faked up scenarios involving "theft", "accidentally towed" vehicles, hyper presenters who are constantly jazzed over every development, major "issues" with the modifications that cause lots of fake consternation and make every job a battle with the clock. But such is the nature of all these reality shows that seek to create conflict and make the various characters zany and eccentric, which is what passes for compelling TV these days. Add in a zingy rock beat over every scene and bump and you have the makings of a truly irritating program. Foose does good work, but all the contrivances detract from, rather than add to the finished product.

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    Steve Dixon

    OK so I love to build motorcycles and cars. And I love to watch shows where they do the same. But this show is all about totally customising the vehicles of unsuspecting owners using 'sponsors' services and parts i.e. the show is largely a marketing opportunity for the suppliers of these parts. That wouldn't be so bad if they focused more on the actual build but in the growing tradition of 'reality' shows it's all about the presenters and in particular the female presenter who spends more time in front of the camera than the vehicle they are supposed to be building. But what really puts it beyond the pail for me would be series 01 episode 02 where not only do they pretend to steal the young guys truck but they keep the deception going by ringing him up and saying that it has probably been cut up for parts and insurance wise is worth very little. Cue phone being put down and maniacal laughter from cutsey girl presenter. Sure the builds are fantastic but the whole show is contrived, sponsor driven and features irritating unnecessary presenters to the now almost obligatory crashing guitars background so beloved of many US shows. Fuse - you've got a lot of talent so please just make a show showing us how you design and build cars not this awful candid camera cum game-show style format.

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    I watch this series every time I can, and I always feel completely amazed with it! The designer Chip Foose is a genius, probably one of the best in the world! But of course, he isn't the only one who deserves the fame, the entire team is very, very talented. The presenters are friendly and explain everything the team is doing to the car. It's difficult to find something negative to say about this show. The endings are always fun, watching the people's reactions to their new cars, which are authentic works of art. Car lovers, and even people who aren't very much into cars can easily become addicted to this series.

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