Top Gear
Top Gear
TV-PG | 20 October 2002 (USA)
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  • Reviews

    Save your money for something good and enjoyable

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    Good concept, poorly executed.

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    A Major Disappointment

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    Jonah Abbott

    There's no way I can possibly love it entirely but I just think its ridiculously bad, but enjoyable at the same time.

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    I am sorry to say but I LOVE the new show, especially after Chris Evans has left. For whatever reason Matt, Chris and Rory make it work. I was never a huge fan of Top Gear, watched whenever I could and mainly the special episodes. I could be that I loved Friends and Matt is just Joey on Top Gear. Whatever the reason I think it is great. Sure it might have lost some of the Clarkson & Co. fans but they will get new ones.I have been watching the new series when I have the time and for the first time ever my wife sat down and watched it with me... first time. No idea why, could be Matt, but she said the show was funny and pretty cool. As I said, losing some of the old watchers but gaining new ones.The show is still about the cars with funny witty repertoire between the presenters without hearing "blundering idiot" every 5 minutes.Miles better than the rubbish that Grand Touring is.

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    Excellent series, I really like the British humor of the three guys. These series have made me laugh loudly almost every episode.I like the diversity in the series, and the ratio car/nonsense where the nonsense clearly wins from the car content that is bespoken. Because of this, the audience is much wider. Even if you don't like cars or other vehicles it's very amusing to watch.Unfortunately Top Gear with the new presenter(s) is full of sh*t. The 10/10 rating is based on TG with Hammond, May and Clarkson.So from now, just go and watch The Grand Tour to see the 3 guys in action :)

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    Now I'm not sure who Chris Evans was before this show or why he is on it but he was the wrong choice! He is a very annoying knock off of Jeremy Clarkson and he makes the show hard to watch. I thought it was kind of bad when American top gear just does a low budget rip off of an old UK episode but Chris Evans is trying to rip off a personality. Hopefully the top gear producers get their heads clear and sort the show out and get it back to its former glory. Side note, I think matt Leblanc is perfect for top gear but put him on American top gear with Foust and anyone other than Rutledge wood and that would be a great show!

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    Matt Leblanc is OK, but you can tell he is reading from a teleprompter or that most of his dialogue is scripted. The show would be much better if he winged it.The British guy? What type of committee picked this dude? He is a total phony, and he screams instead of talking, like he is trying to build excitement all the time.The BBC and the idiot producers at Top Gear UK should stand in a circle, and then take turns punching themselves in the balls! Gorilla punch - hammer fist style, right in the balls you idiots.Of course the British guy would probably like that. That's probably why the committee selected him.

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