The Venture Bros.
The Venture Bros.
TV-MA | 07 August 2004 (USA)
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    How sad is this?

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    Good concept, poorly executed.

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    I like movies that are aware of what they are selling... without [any] greater aspirations than to make people laugh and that's it.

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    Mandeep Tyson

    The acting in this movie is really good.

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    First of all I loved every bit of this season including episode 8. Now that I have established that I have probably watched this series at least 30+ times all the way through plus some of my favorites a few extra times. Season 6 was probably my favorite season. Episode 00 (all this and Gargantua 2)was a perfect rap up of everything up from s01- s05. I loved s06e08 but everything in this season is building to the Monarch taking down Wide Whale to become Ventures only arch and then they cut it off when he still has one to go before Wide Whale, this doesn't make since (unless he is counting Wide Whale as the 2 in the 2 he had left before Red Death (who was perfect in giving Monarch advice on how to live a real life if chooses. So with all the build up I know they love to leave cliff hangers but do you think they are saving it back for a special like All This and Garguatua 2 or saving it to explain the history behind venture and the monarch in the next season?

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    I originally started watching this show because Foetus did the music, well, the great man who is Foetus does the music. I've been listening to Foetus since 1986 or so. It was good to hear that underground musicians can eventually rise into areas where they can actually make money. Gives me hope with my own artistic pursuits.But, I am not sure if it was my TV at the time or what, the J. G. Thirlwell soundtrack overpowered the audio of the voices in the cartoon when I first tried to view the show. I waited for a while to buy the DVDs, because this chaotic audio setup made it impossible to hear what was going on. Sometimes I would just listen to the Foetus music anyway, the muttering voices underneath creating a nice surreal environment for me to make jewelry or paint by. The cartoon became silent filmy as far as plot.I bought the DVDs not too long ago. It was only then I realized that Doc Hammer was Eric Hammer of Mors Syphilitica and RIW fame. Yes, it took me awhile. I never heard his voice before the new Weep CD came out, so now I assume his natural voice sounds like a guy in the mafia and has a cigar dangling out of his mouth at all times. I mean, I am thinking maybe the true voices of all those neo-Victorians in the 80's-90's goth scene in NYC like Rasputina and Dame Darcy are Dr. Girlfriend deep throat type gangster voices. Must make for great parties.Anyway, the addition not only Eric Hammer, but his ex wife (I am assuming this since IMDb can be mysteriously sketchy) Lisa, made this a must see for me. I mean, people in goth bands or people who do underground art shun the whole selling out thing in their 20's but then their 30's come around (or 40's in Foetus' case) and then you really want to eat and get a job that can offer you retirement. Oh, so you are saying by now, you like music, but what about the cartoon itself? It varies from very good (the peak of this being for me the Klaus Nomi henchmen of David Bowie, the wedding crasher) to the amusingly OK (a lot of the 3rd season). I can actually tell if Doc Hammer wrote the episode or Christopher McCulloch wrote it. The insert of certain words over and over denotes the Hammer episodes. I won't go further because I don't want to insult the writers, since I am a writer myself. I think it is best when both of them write and bounce ideas off each other. I like the wit and parody of the series, reminding me of many cartoons I watched in the 70's and 80's as a kid. The look of the show is fantastic. There is a plot line that goes through all the episodes, yet you can watch them out of order and not be lost, since Adult Swim doesn't show them in order once the initial new play is done.This is probably a cartoon best enjoyed by those my age (gasp). I'd say I am probably Doc Hammer's age. It would help to be well read and have a good record collection, yes records. I doubt 15 year olds, unless they are precocious, would get a lot of the references and I wonder if the 3rd season wasn't an effort by Adult Swim to widen the audience by making it less witty. Or maybe it's losing steam, I don't know. There aren't enough shows that feature Devo references (I mean General Boy here) or Aleister Crowley/Oscar Wilde references (via their take on the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), so to have this in a cartoon is delightful. I like how the character of Dr. Venture isn't super successful, living under his dad's shadow. There is a lot going on in the show, but I do have a wonder-filled affection for Dr. Girlfriend, since she has the voice of a man and dresses like Jackie O. I'm not a huge fan of Hank or Dean, but I like Brock Samson who is voiced by the very talented Patrick Warburton.It takes a lot for me to watch Adult Swim shows. I like their current Brit shows, like Mighty Boosh (again with its jazz and Gary Numan references) and Look Around You, along with Family Guy, Lucy the Daughter of the Devil and Robot Chicken...but other than that, I watch shows on there only once because they aren't that imaginative or smart. But the Venture Bros. was good enough I bought the first two seasons on DVD and probably will buy the 3rd. I hope it lasts a few more seasons without it having to cave into dumbed down syndrome (DDS).

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    Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer are entertainment geniuses. There is nothing about this show that is predictable. Each episode surprises with it's characters, plot, comedy and outcome. In a world where no matter how "good" a show is, they end up doing the same thing every other show has done, with the same rehashed plots and jokes, or just pull plots from the newspaper headlines, this show is fresh. And that's hard to achieve when you start as a parody like it did. But at this point it's advanced far beyond parody. This show is so faithful to it's universe, the world Hammer and Publick created in season one, with such well drawn characters that continue to develop, each distinctive and layered with real personalities despite their comical stereo-archetypes, and with so much going on in 22 minutes, this show should be studied by all aspiring TV and film writers to understand the state of the art in screen writing.

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    I may not have grown up around the time of Johnny Quest, but I clearly see the subtle jabs at the series (which are numerous) and I can't help but laugh.At first glance, I admit I didn't initially understand a lot of this series; but let's face it, how can anyone understand a series at first- glance? You have to watch further... which is what I did.The storyline is great, the characters are well put together and (aw hell, I better just say it or it'll back up on me)... Brock Sampson kicks major ass! Time has taken its toll on Adult Swim, but this definitely stands the proverbial test of time.One more thing: GO TEAM VENTURE!

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