TV-MA | 07 August 2005 (USA)
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    Waste of time

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    I don't have all the words right now but this film is a work of art.

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    Actress is magnificent and exudes a hypnotic screen presence in this affecting drama.

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    This show is a kingdom of stereotypes. Black people deal in drugs, dead father was an angel, kids are nice but misunderstood, rich housewives are snobbish, young men are sexual perverts. All of this would have been fine if done properly but it is incredibly boring. Another stereotype: Christians are idiots and the family in the center of the series is Jewish and very cool for that reason. Please see that I am not even Christian but this subtle way of mocking one religion whilst promoting the other has become a norm in American TV, don't you think? Acting is the worst in this show - or dialogue, I can't say. Story line like I said has nothing new to offer. The sorry attempt at comedy is laughable but in a very different way than the show intends. I could not bear more than one season. DO NOT WATCH IT, IT IS HORRIBLE.

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    I'm currently binge-watching this show and I'm at season 5 episode 7 right now, just a fyi.The show is pretty interesting and watchable, and binge-watch worthy -- I'm living proof of that. To be honest, I was pretty surprised how good the show is, especially considering the fact that this is a 20 min per episode TV series. And I'm very much not a fan of those, because I usually find them to be shallow and generally lacking in depth. So what I was expecting was a silly sitcom-like show with some drama... and man, was I wrong!I'm seriously impressed by how much "goodness" can be packed into a mere 20 min episode. And also by the character and plot development.Especially Nancy's development is very intriguing and interesting, as is Shane's. So, not gonna lie, I slowly but surely grew to hate & detest Nancy more and more throughout the series, with each episode. She is a poisonous, narcissistic ȼǚnt who destroys and ruins everything she touches. She brings everyone down with her, but surprisingly, is always the (only) one who comes out ahead of all the shīț she rains down on everybody else. It is baffling. That woman might have been likable in the beginning of the show, but I'm beginning to reach the point where I'm starting to wonder if I can keep watching a show with a main character who became so unlikable that I find myself hoping for her to be finally killed off to end all the suffering she's causing for everybody else.Especially in situations in which she's whining about the unfairness of it all and "why is it always her that attracts so much shīŧ", and really, "what did she ever do to deserve this"?! Boo hoo! What a self-involved, egoistic ⓑītch. Honestly, the only characters I still like are Andy (what a lovable, stupid goof) and Silas. Can't really make up my mind about Shane, I miss the sweet kid with that intact "moral compass"--although let's be honest, with that mother the kid never stood a chance.... Hopefully he'll change for the better again... there are still 2 seasons left after all.So, you see my dilemma. On the one hand we deal with an absolutely unlikable and intolerable main character who I couldn't care less about at this point. Who really should be dead a 100 times over by how reckless and stupid she acts. Who is a danger to her kids. Who is an grade-A aƨƨhole. On the other hand it's exactly her unpleasantness as a person that drives the show...Nevertheless, I'd really like her to get back some redeeming quality so that I might be able to start caring about her character again... I mean, I'm not new to anti-heroes as main characters. Hell, "Filth" is my favourite movie of all times, so yes, I'm definitely not averse to MCs being total aƨƨhole. But somehow Nancy is starting to get on my nerves...Nevertheless, this TV series is interesting, refreshingly unique, entertaining and manages to keep me intrigued. And engrossed. So, all in all an enjoyable show so far.

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    I want this series to come back I was hooked. The creator was the best a I've seen in a very long time. This was so real to life with no holds bar. Jenji left the storyline opened for a come back.There is so much more that can be added like my beautiful hearing impaired daughter. Give me more of this good stuff I loved this amazing cast super awesome. SILAS is absolutely gorgeous. Mary Louise Parker awesome the male characters Andy, Doug, Conrad and Shane oh and Celias husband all phenomenal. This is a A rated show in my book loved it all finished all 8 seasons in two weeks that is how addicted I was. This show belongs back on television or a Netflix series to give people like me something to look at on television that is fun an true.. I know Jenji does the orange is the new black my neighbors niece is on that show but the gifting is in Weeds I am hooked for life if General Hospital is still airing I know Jenji have a lot more in store for Weeds

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    I tried. I really really tried to give this show a shot. I heard good things about it and was ready to take the journey but I just can't go on any further. I was expecting something like Californication or Orange is the New Black but it's not even close. The storyline is sub par and the acting is worse. What they tried to do was make a heartfelt yet comedic story about a widowed mother of 2 who struggles day to day and has to rely on selling drugs to make ends meet. It failed miserably in my opinion. Mary-Louise Parker is so not believable in this role. I feel as the story continues it shows how poorly written her character is. She goes from a weak-willed pot dealer who can't control her children and has no friends except for the people she buys her drugs from and her accountant to an even less willed pot dealer who can't control her kids. No plot points. No story arch. Just a half hour of nonsense every episode with not one snicker or chuckle. I struggled through 3 seasons and had to stop. I honestly can't believe I made it that far. I'm really not sure what genre they were writing for here. It's not dramatic, it's not a comedy, it's definitely not suspenseful, it's not slapstick... The only thing remotely funny about this show is the character development.... And what I mean by that is there is NONE! There are MUCH better shows out there to spend time on. I for one do not care how this story ends. I am just very surprised so many people love it. The only reason it gets a 2 is because of Kevin Nealon. Without him I would've given it a 1.

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