La Femme Nikita
La Femme Nikita
| 13 January 1997 (USA)

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    Fresh and Exciting

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    Don't listen to the negative reviews

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    It's the kind of movie you'll want to see a second time with someone who hasn't seen it yet, to remember what it was like to watch it for the first time.

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    Billy Ollie

    Through painfully honest and emotional moments, the movie becomes irresistibly relatable

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    also my personal highest rated show on any genre period. doubt ill watch in my lifetime a show to match it's level of writing, story telling, cast, style, music, and general sophistication.found myself many times at end of episode mind blown from the twists, with a big smile of disbelief to the ingenuity & brilliance of the writers. this is THE premier spy show ever made till this day. it's unlikely story and it's sophisticated with unforgettable characters masterfully portrayed by the amazing but anonymous cast. (at the time)the characters find their way into your heart working in an impossible situation for the (legendary) Section One. (maybe it should have been named, "Section Once" but maybe then it wouldn't have bean so popular).it's hard writing a review for me describing it, all ill say is MUST WATCH if you appreciate spy shows.if you loved 24 , DO NOT WATCH THIS, it's miles & miles above 24's "paid grade"! you will probably find you wont connect to it's sophistication & style.However.. if you enjoyed "Spooks" (2002) UK TV show, watching "LFN" will be like an extreme overdose version undiluted story, somewhat resembling spooks style in broad strokes, but much more radical & wild, romantic & stylish ambiance story telling..i cannot promise that in 2013 it would still make you feel as i felt about it back then, but if you watched enough Garbage and crave balanced yet high quality with romance spiced with cutting edge show, this will squeeze all your TV pleasure buds to eruption. Watch It!for the makers actors cast & other people responsible for this wonderful analytical & emotional sweeping "experience", i will never forget, thank you from the button of my heart for making it. PS a rear masterpiece that critics may take some time to appreciate it! (AKA Blade Runner...)

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    It's a pity I watched this after 24, Alias, Covert Affairs and likes. Along with most recent Nikita with Maggie Q, all of the above appear somewhat simplistic - if not amateurish - with compare to LFN.So many story finds, characters etc. got copied by the later shows from LFN - it deprived me of enjoying the indisputable LFN novelty.Yet, now, in 2013, the show is extremely addictive, rarely predictable, with jaw-wtf???-dropping twists and numerous cliffhangers.I was googling for the "best spy TV show" lists and came across LFN. After watching 3 seasons I'm wondering how come it's not on top of every single list I found. Even my skeptical wife is into it, and coming from her, it means a lot. In fact, my own list would consist of LFN only (well, maybe 24, as a very distant 2nd).Granted, most characters are over the top. Nikita, as Section's personified conscience. Michael, the coolest operative in existence, he never ever misses - respect! The devilish Siamese twins, Operations and Madeline. But that's how it always is with long running TV series and only adds to LFN's power.Soundtracks are cool. Cheesy moments are so few - not worth mentioning.Peta Wilson grows on you, and soon it's hard to imagine someone else in her place. What is it with Aussie girls in spy shows? They're the best...Show starts a bit shaky - or so it seems, possibly, because it repeats well-known first turns of Nikita's fate, but then, before long, it takes on its own, grim and often unforeseeable road, you will never regret following.Very stylish, very unusual fun & fireworks. 10 out of 10.

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    I'm more-or-less forced to watch this horrible show (with daily reruns on the local cable), and and can't see what people like about it. It has no heroes: everyone is a cold-blooded murderer / terrorist. The "counter-terrorism" of Section-One amounts to the same terrorism they say they battle, including wanton torture, executions and kidnapping (everyone in section one is basically kidnapped). Not to mention the fact that the psychopath called Operations pisses of the most deadly secret agents of the company on a daily basis and still seems to get away from it.Add to this the bleary decor, the "whispering" that seems to be meant to indicate threat and the repetitive setup of each episode, and my abjection is complete.

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    I've recently seen this show and I want to add that I love the plot, the show atmosphere and the characters complexity, not to mention that the suppressed attraction between the main characters, Nikita and Michael it's breathtaking and intense.I think Peta Wilson was wonderful for Nikita's role, she's very beautiful, but her beauty isn't fragile. She's perfect, first of all because she is a tall strong woman. If she were to be an anorexic fragile lady it wouldn't be too believable that she could actually kick down trained big muscular men.Not to mention Roy Dupuis who plays Michael, he's acting was amazing. The character is cool, strong and icy cold and he hides incredibly well his humanity. The fact is he feels a lot, his look says all. I'm stunned by his performance on the show.I'm not yet sure which is my favorite episode, I guess there are more.I had some minor disappointments; for example when season 3 started and most of the characters got a haircut. They looked terrible, like some evil hairdresser caught them all, Nikita was the only one who avoided having her hair cut for the time being, by some evasive maneuver, I'm sure. One other thing that was not too great is the way Madeline and Operations go down. This characters have strong personalities, they are very intelligent and always follow their interest, planning webs in manipulating everyone else. It's not too believable the way they end. It seems rather rushed. In fact season 5 doesn't have the same approach and feeling as the other seasons. I don't know what happened here, why they hurried, but in the end at least remains credible, it could have been worse.I think that old TV series, "La Femme Nikita"s show, as well are better developed then the new ones. These days most of the series seem shallow, with some exceptions of course.Other things I like about "La Femme Nikita"'s show was the technology they use, considering the series is filmed in the late 90's and early 2000 it quite stands for our days. The soundtrack is great too, the songs fits perfectly with the scenes they're added to enhancing the moments.In one word this series has become one of my favorite. So if you like the "Secret Agent" theme, suspense, romance and espionage go for it. Everyone in it did a great job and it's worth it all.

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