The New Adventures of Old Christine
The New Adventures of Old Christine
| 13 March 2006 (USA)
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    Such a frustrating disappointment

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    Good start, but then it gets ruined

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    The tone of this movie is interesting -- the stakes are both dramatic and high, but it's balanced with a lot of fun, tongue and cheek dialogue.

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    The story, direction, characters, and writing/dialogue is akin to taking a tranquilizer shot to the neck, but everything else was so well done.

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    Watching late night re-runs of a show I never watched, and after a week of ennui, I have to throw in the towel. I was hoping I had stumbled across a hidden gem, but boy, this thing is a disappointment. I think the cast is good, but the show is ......OK, after re-watching for quite some time, I am changing my review and opinion a little from my original all out 'bashing' review. I do like the actors, I like some of the outre dialog, it's often a bit outrageous and cleverly written. It's certainly not a show for everyone, as Christine and her brother are promiscuous, ditzy, and borderline incestuous. Plus the brother's sick relationship with their mother. And I like Wanda Sikes a lot, but she is badly miscast in this show, I don't think IRL she would be such a friend and enabler to a mess like Julia Dreyfuss portrays. The show is often quite cringe-making. (that can be fun, depending on your tolerance for watching someone make an amazing spectacle of themselves.) And it seems if I'm up awake watching in the middle of the night, I am seeing the same handful of episodes over and over and over. Maybe it wasn't on that long, but come on!

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    Laura Berko

    This was one of the BEST comedies on TV. Julia Louise Dreyfus is adorable and incredibly funny as Christine, and amazing at what she does(comedy). I think played the character great. The show made me laugh out loud every episode, had a lovable cast, and was just good. How can they cancel it after 5 seasons, especially without a real finale (does anyone remember how they did that with Las Vegas). It's upsetting to viewers to get attacthed to a show and characters for sex years then it end all of the sudden like that. This show was way better than a lot of the stuff they have on now that isn't really funny at all and all try too hard to be funny.I am really, really disappointed with the Network and I hope they bring it back, I love watching Julie Louise-Dreyfus act, she's fantastic!! (the rest of the cast was good too, they all worked very well together, but without Julia it wouldn't have been half as good.)They need to bring this back! I honestly didn't even know about this show until now, so I guess the marketing was bad, but I just spent a couple weeks catching up on all seasons and am now really sad to learn it's cancelled.

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    The New Adventures of Old Christine may have too long of a title and may have the format of a stereotypical sitcom but it is pure genius. This show is one of very few in recent history that has made me laugh out loud. Christine is pathetic, but not in a Ross Gellar sort of way, she is as pathetic as all of us feel at times, she really just can't catch a break. What makes this show so great is that it is all very down to earth and you can honestly relate to the characters. There have been so many recent shows that have tried to get by on gimmicks and showmanship and ignored the idea of comedy. Most of the Characters aren't any funnier than regualr people, in the New Advetures of Old Christine it is the Situation that is the comedy, isn't that what a sitcom should be? If you aren't watching, you should be.

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    Danny Blankenship

    Again CBS has picked up another comedy winner, though I never watched Dreyfus from her stand-up or "Seinfield" days, I always knew she had great comedic talent and she proves this with her own series "The New Adventures of Old Christine". This series has Julia as a sexy divorced single mother whose near 40 and raising her son in crazy and competitive L.A. and she experiences the problems that any single mother would have, that's why so many divorced mothers relate to this show. And plenty of witty and funny lines make this show relative and understandable, the writing is just great. Along with this show's blend of romance and adventure we all are hoping that Christine finds the right man, and that should happen with her sexy and witty ways. This is a real winner the writing, acting, and relative feelings you just get from this show is so good and the sexy and funny Julia Louis-Dreyfus makes it so good and watchable at least for now.

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