TV-MA | 18 July 2004 (USA)
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    I like the storyline of this show,it attract me so much

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    Let's be realistic.

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    Excellent, Without a doubt!!

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    Arianna Moses

    Let me be very fair here, this is not the best movie in my opinion. But, this movie is fun, it has purpose and is very enjoyable to watch.

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    I have watch this series more than a couple of times, each time I am as entertained and as hooked into the story as I was the first time. The story, the actors, the timing, everything about this show is perfect. Highly recommend watching.

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    Hands down one of the best shows ever created. This series could have gone forever, really. Every character was a bullseye from the first episode, and every episode leaves you smiling ear to ear, not often you can say that.If I had to watch one show forever this would be it.

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    Gustavo Schroeder A

    Entourage follows the lifestyle that revolves around up and coming star Vinnie Chase and his friends. Party, drugs, booze and chicks, lots of them. But that's definitely not what makes Entourage so great. What makes it so unique is that it explores a subject that many people are actually curious about and it presents it in a great way with many cameos in every single episode of the series. What is also great is that they present the stages of Vincent's career, like the film that launched him into stardom, his indie flick, his summer million dollar blockbuster, and much more. I have yet to see Seasons 5-8. I hope they're good but I can say the first four are simply gold. The best characters are hands down Johnny Drama and Ari Gold, just hilarious. The kind of entertainment one hopes to get from HBO. A great series that kind of feels like a Sex and the City for dudes. I love it. Season 1 focuses on Vincent after his first big movie Head On, it does a great job on introducing the characters and explaining their background. It also focuses on Vince trying to get on the movie Queens Boulevard and how they get Billy Walsh and so on. Also on how Ari tries to get him to do Matterhorn. Season 1 does a great job and is pretty good and definitely worth it. Season 2 is bigger and definitely better: it has way more cameos and focuses on post-QB and trying to get Vince to do James Cameron's Aquaman. It also digs a little deeper into Ari's character and Drama's and also, surprisingly Vince's with the Mandy Moore situation. You also get the first moments of the Ari-Terrence-Davies problems and why Ari leaves the agency. An improvement over the first season, Season 2 is just flat out awesome.Season 3 deals with everything post-Aquaman. It's a great season and almost an improvement over Season 2, but the last few episodes just aren't as good. The season also deals with Eric and Sloan's relationship, Turtle trying to manage Saigon and Drama landing his new TV hit show. It's also very interesting the way they deal with Ari getting fired halfway through the season. It's a great season and definitely worth it.

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    Bradon Franklin (bradonjames)

    Entourage is easily one of my favorite comedy series of all time. The characters are all lovable in their own unique ways and the character development throughout the length of the series is very well done. The writing is hilarious and very original, which keeps the story fresh and different through the run of the show. The show and characters are greatly influenced by the life and antics of a young Mark Whalberg when he was new to the business and lifestyle of Hollywood. If you like the world of the entertainment business or simply like comedies with great characters and story, than Entourage is a MUST WATCH!

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