Raven's Home
Raven's Home
TV-G | 21 July 2017 (USA)
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    Purely Joyful Movie!

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    Good movie but grossly overrated

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    Don't listen to the negative reviews

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    I like movies that are aware of what they are selling... without [any] greater aspirations than to make people laugh and that's it.

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    Ravens Home, excellent in all areas, is probably THE best spin-off to an original Disney show. The acting is very good, especially for the child actors who appear on the show, they have kept the humour from the original show going into this one and it's truly brilliant. It's the first time I've ever really laughed at a Disney show since 2012-15 without laughing at the cringe-ness of the shows comedic approach.Your main character, Raven, isn't stick thin and doesn't have a perfect life; shes just got her children and best friend, Chelsea, who are both divorced and living independently with no man in their lives, which is what children need to learn.This show is brilliant and you will not waste any time watching it. The pacing is perfect and overall, truly, truly childhood amazing.

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    How on Earth did this show get an 8.2? Were we watching the same show? I want those 24 minutes back. The jokes were lame. The situations were lame. The acting was visibly staged (it was as if you could here the director giving the blocking notes). Does this actually pass for funny these days?

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    SPOILERS One of the first few episodes we see Raven coming in and Booker asking if she a moment. She gives him a minute of unnecessary sarcasm which is basically how she'd had a long day at work and wouldn't rather talk to him. Book doesn't get sarcasm and assumes she means she's free to talk. They sit down, Booker mentions he's been thinking. Raven responds with how she thought they talked about how thinking isn't good for Booker, basically calling her son an idiot to his face. Booker continues to tell her about his idea and at some point Raven blinks and is like 'Are you still talking? Because I stopped listening.'That's basically where their discussion ends, and in usual plot style, Booker goes through with his idea. Another episode, Raven senses Nena isn't getting enough love and throws her a little party. During this, Booker walks over to talk to Raven about something and Raven literally shoves him back, telling him that 'It isn't always about you, Booker.' Another episode, Raven is in the bathroom putting on make-up. Nena walks in and starts the usual 'Kid compliments mom in order to get what they want, but it fails because Mom recognizes the ploy' spiel. They talk about and forth about how Nena wants to wear makeup, Raven going on about how she has to work with getting over-sized dogs into under-sized dresses and how Nena didn't want to be the most difficult part of her day. Raven ends this conversation by saying if Nena put on make up she was 'Gonna get it.' In the usual plot style, Nena puts on make up, accidentally throws a party. I never got to finishing the episode, but some of the last bits of the Episode has Nena, in make up, bumping into people and things, seeing them with Raven's face and hearing Raven tell her she was 'Gonna get it' while the laugh track played. The jokes in this series have literally been Raven criticizing her kids, and threatening to the point they literally hallucinating. There is literally no excuse for this either! What I saw of Girl Meets World, they were actually good parents! Raven's Home has no excuse for so many of its jokes to be Raven being terrible to her kids. People don't realize how bad this could end up, too. It's literally showing kids that it's funny that their parents actually threaten, shove or insult them over the simplest things and that it isn't a big deal. Its literally gaslighting children to their own/their friends abuse and it's not good in the slightest.

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    I guess it's OK, guess we can't all like the same thing. I notice they only put up the good reviews. Anyway, nothing to brag about. They took off Jessie and Austin & Ally and replaced it with this. Sorry, she should have quit while she was ahead. I liked it the first time around but this doesn't match up.

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