Peep Show
Peep Show
TV-MA | 19 September 2003 (USA)
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    It's no definitive masterpiece but it's damn close.

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    Fresh and Exciting

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    Excellent, Without a doubt!!

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    It’s sentimental, ridiculously long and only occasionally funny

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    Really funny. I didn't enjoy season 9 at all tho. Seemed too pandering for me.

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    Absolutely love this show. One of my favourite comedy series of all time. Spineless, weak, cowardly, depraved, insecure, self loathing, vindictive comedy at its best. Highly recommend. Series 10 please.

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    One of the few series I could watch more than one time and still be amused by it, and still laughing at its numerous jokes like it's the first time. Other series with this characteristic I can only think of 'Friends' and "The Inbetweeners". Many of everyone everyday problems and facts of life are listed on this show: love, hate, job, envy, jealousy, family etc, and never in a boring way. My wife says it is boys humour but to me there is no gender in a funny joke. Said all this I did not enjoy Jeremy's gay story, I am not sure what the message was. Characters are all interesting, for one reason or another. Jeff, Mark's arch enemy, great with his constant derisory grin is my favourite. Superhans also very funny.

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    The brilliance of this show can only be truly measured and appreciated by someone who's shared in the best friend/roommate experience. Friendships, especially those of the codependent variety, are ripe with laughter, anger, ambivalence, envy, thankfulness, and a multitude of other incalculable descriptors. The distinguishing factor that makes this show work so well is the perspective. Viewers are entreated with multidimensional orientations via the internal, personal dialogues of the main characters. From these positions, spectators can fully appreciate the hilarious dynamics of a dysfunctional friendship.Mark Corrigan (David Mitchell) and Jeremy Usborne (Robert Webb) met while they were roommates at the fictitious Dartmouth University. It is at that moment that "The El Dude Brothers" were born.Mark is a slightly below average-looking man with an above average IQ. He values structure, conformity, and regularity. He has a normal job and a degree in Business Studies, but his true passion can be found in History. His appreciation for historical facts and occurrences only helps to solidify his status as the resident dork. Aside from his love of History, Mark has romanticized the ideal of meeting and marrying the perfect woman. Here, we can see a readied dichotomy when compared to his longtime friend and roommate, Jeremy.Jeremy is an above average-looking guy with a not so stellar IQ. He is the epitome of a consummate playboy. Blissfully meandering from one beautiful woman to the next, one can only wonder how Jeremy does it without cerebration or money. Generally jobless, Jeremy is disorganized, morally resistant, and sporadic; he is the antithesis of all things Mark. More often than not, Jeremy seems to come out on top of things without ever trying. Mark, on the other hand, works hard, does the right thing and commonly ends up flat on his face. Not always, though. Sometimes Mark is rewarded for his sacrifices and diligence. Herein lies the comedy. When one friend begins to succeed (work, relationships, etc.), the other is there, by all outwardly appearances, to show their support. At the same time, their internal thoughts are often flush with feelings of jealousy and thoughts of sabotage.Mark and Jeremy are best friends and love each other dearly. Their symbiotic, perhaps slightly unhealthy, relationship is hilarious to watch on the big screen. Perhaps it is because most of us can relate.

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