Omamori Himari
Omamori Himari
TV-MA | 06 January 2010 (USA)

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    Admirable film.

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    A Masterpiece!

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    I wanted to like it more than I actually did... But much of the humor totally escaped me and I walked out only mildly impressed.

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    Taha Avalos

    The best films of this genre always show a path and provide a takeaway for being a better person.

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    While looking for a short series to watch on Crunchroll I came across this and thought it looked cute and might pass the time nicely; it soon became apparent that this was going to be a fan service heavy series as it didn't take long for a character with large bouncy breast to appear; in case that wasn't enough there are also lots of panty shots featuring her and an ever increasing number of girls. The first of these girls is a cat demon called Himari who is to act as a body guard to Yuuto, who is actually a demon slayer. He doesn't seem to slay any demons though; he just seems to acquire them into his harem. Yuuko isn't interested in them in a sexual way but is frequently caught in compromising positions with them by Rinko, a girl who is clearly rather jealous. The story continues like this until a new demon appears; one who feeds on other demons; she is a clear threat to the Yuuto and his harem and causes the story to get more interesting and the fan service to decrease... slightly.This was by no means a terrible series; indeed it grew on me as I watched more episodes; it did have rather too much fan service though; it often seemed as if the creators were more keen to show of the female character's body's than they were to progress the story. Nothing too explicit was shown although some scenes were clearly censored so a DVD release is likely to show more. The characters were fairly fun; I particularly liked Himari and Lizlet; the later is a demon that prefers making tea to fighting! These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles

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