My Parents Are Aliens
My Parents Are Aliens
| 08 November 1999 (USA)
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    It is a performances centric movie

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    Although it has its amusing moments, in eneral the plot does not convince.

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    Casey Duggan

    It’s sentimental, ridiculously long and only occasionally funny

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    Francene Odetta

    It's simply great fun, a winsome film and an occasionally over-the-top luxury fantasy that never flags.

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    Sure, the whole concept of aliens coming to Earth and living with human whilst trying and failing to fit into society is not an original concept. We've seen this in My Favourite Martian, Mork and Mindy, Coneheads and Third Rock From the Sun. And there was Nickelodeon's recent show Marvin, Marvin. This cliché needs to stop.Anyway, this show itself has some good story lines and characters. My favourite character is Brian. As an alien, he is guaranteed to mess things up whilst acting strange in his spare time. The planet Valux and it's inhabitants don't really have a gender of sexuality. Brian probably doesn't know that he is a male and is supposed to like women. And with Sophie, vice versa.Sophie is overally nice, but takes things a bit too personally.But Brian and Sophie are no angels. They can be go mad with power and be extremely self centered. They act extremely cruel to the Barkers. No, scratch that. They can be downright bloody sadists!They actually tried to kill their own foster children in "Wrongs of Praise"!But being aliens, Brian and Sophie have no understanding of right and wrong. On Valux, they probably kill their own kind all the time like no big deal.But in the end, they just want their foster kids to love them, which is why they do all these things in the first place, but get carried away.Mel is the typical self loathing, angry teenager who hates everybody, for no real reason. She blames everybody for problems that she's caused and can be an absolute bitch. But underneath it all, she cares. She doesn't want people to know though. She's like Raphael in the Ninja Turtles.Josh is the Bart Simpson (he's got spiky hair) of the Barkers. He's a scam artist and all around prankster. He could grow to become a drug dealer. Lucy is the Lisa of the Barkers. She is very smart and is always the voice of reason. But dear God, every line she says is just constant whining. She complains and whines throughout the whole series. Somebody give that girl some weed, please.In Season 5 and 6, new additions to the family were added. C.J. and Harry. Many people complain about them, but I have no problem with them at all. People say C.J. is annoying, but I didn't find him annoying. He was really Brian's sidekick and played with his games. He is a kid after all and just wants fun.Harry is just a clone of Mel. The actress who played Mel left the show and was replaced by a different character. I think she was more of a bitch than Mel. Frankie and Pete, Josh's friends who despise him. Pete is always very depressed looking. (When you have a friend like Josh, you'd be like this too) Also, Pete was the ONLY sane character in the show. Frankie was very dramatic and had a crush on Mel and Harry, he would even recite poetry to them. They both hated him, but he never gave up.Wendy...... dear God, I hate this character. She is such a BITCH! She was always full of herself and bragged on endlessly about how clever she was than Lucy. And she was ginger. Trent, Mel and later Harry's only friend and later boyfriend, would have to be the one to put up with the difficult bitches. They would always argue with him, even if he hadn't done anything. This whole hatred of friends is not new to us. We've all been there. Your best friends are indeed your worse enemies. And this show gives us the worst friends of all time!Mr Whiteside is the worst teacher in the world and is Josh's foe. He accuses everybody of doing things, even though they haven't done them, he steals things from people, he's rude, full of himself and is madly in love with Kate Winslet. He's also a very lonely man. Why does that not surprise me?Now there are some things I love about this show and things I don't.THINGS I LIKE:The Johnson's house looks cool. Being aliens, everything is all wrong. The phones are on the wall, the TV is the washing machine and other things.The performances by everyone are great.The plots are good.Tony Gardener has a blast playing the dimwitted and self centered Brian.THINGS I DON'T LIKE:Barbara Durkin was REALLY annoying as he original Sophie. She spoke in this high pitched voice was gets really irksome. Good thing they recast her with more tolerable and more hotter Carla. Yeah, she is a yummy mummy.The whole Lucy/ Wendy falling out sub plots. They do this about 20 times or more in the series. And when it happens, you go "NOT AGAIN!" Jesus, enough. I know Wendy is unlikeable, but my God!Brian and Sophie can go a little too far with their "Mad With Power" episodes. The canned laughter that was added in Series 4 and throughout. Canned laughter sucks and always will. I guess they were trying to be like Sabrina The Teenage Witch or the Nick or Disney sitcoms. Despite these problems, this is actually a very good show. If you haven't seen it, check it out. It's not completely out of this world, but enjoyable.Oh, and I have nothing nice to say about series 8. It never happened.

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    I catch-ed this show when I was 11 and the jokes seemed to grow with he cast and audience.Hilarious is the word to describe the slapstick and gags.I found that My Parents are Aliens copied certain story lines from shows like Simpsons ( the episode Lucy experiments on Josh) and gas that the Simpson's did( "The doctor said I wasn't supposed to get staples in my head") But the show ended on a high with he first family found myself nearly in tears at the end because I've grown up knowing the characters.A truly great British show.

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    I am 15 and have been watching this show since it began, nearly five years ago. Since then, almost every thirty-minute episode has been of consistently high quality - now in it's eighth series, the show has lost none of the hilarity it started out with. The show is very amusing; it caters for all levels. The acting here is absolutely superb from everyone involved. I can honestly say that, as far as I know, this is one of the only shows on TV with child actors who can act. Not only that, but they are all very good actors. The loss of Barbara Durkin in 2001 led to a lot of people thinking: "Well, that's it." She cut a highly amusing figure as Sophie, the mother. The casting of the very different Carla Mendonca was, however, masterful, and I commend whoever thought of it. There is not a single weak performer in the show, the writing has sustained unbelievably high quality - although some of the humour can get rather crude at times - and there is little to criticise. The only thing I would advice they dropped in the next series is the canned laughter, which removes the sophistication of the all-round masterful show.

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    In response to the members who say they're 14 & 16 respectively and STILL watch the show, I'm 35 and I love it as well. Probably makes a real saddo.I normally get home from work about 4.30 in the afternoon just as this is starting and after a lousy day at work, it's nice to have something ridiculous to laugh at before I switch over to BBC2 and endure the (frequently) humiliating misery that is 'The Weakest Link'.I don't watch a huge amount of TV but this is compulsive viewing and I recommend it to anybody, irrespective of age. The cast are great, the story lines are always funny and all 5 of the main characters are believable, likable individuals.Long may this show continue.

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