TV-14 | 03 September 2003 (USA)
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    It’s an especially fun movie from a director and cast who are clearly having a good time allowing themselves to let loose.

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    In truth, there is barely enough story here to make a film.

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    Lucia Ayala

    It's simply great fun, a winsome film and an occasionally over-the-top luxury fantasy that never flags.

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    The movie turns out to be a little better than the average. Starting from a romantic formula often seen in the cinema, it ends in the most predictable (and somewhat bland) way.

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    I have watched this show for years and am thrilled to see it return for its 18th season. I'm very proud that it's a Canadian show and have found the graphics and effects excellent for their current time. I find it fascinating (and sometimes heart-breaking), and really like that they make an effort to find any surviving crew and passengers as well as the NTSB (or equivalent), investigators to interview. Love it!

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    Now I'm going to include the episode of Seconds from disaster air crash episode in this preview.I like this series,I never thought that air disaster can be very unique and have so many culprit.This series can developed phobia towards air travel,but I think every episode makes air travel faster.Pilot can learn a lot of thing from this series as some episode reveal that a simple mistake can cause plane to crash.For example pilot who watch this show would know how to react to rudder reversal,a blocked pitot tube scenario,not to use rudder aggressively in wake turbulence and much more.The reenactment of the actor is also good as it shows the passenger and crew turn upside down when the plane is rolling in mid air.And there are so many mistake and culprit that cause plane to crash.Some episode are quite repetitive but others crashes are more difficult to solve.The acting and investigation always keep me interested.The series also get better after season 3 as they focus more on investigating rather than the reenactment and with new intro.I also think that any people who involved in airliner company will be more aware towards aircraft maintenance and pilot will be more aware from making any mistake after watching this show.Overall both ACI and SFD plane crash increase aviation knowledge as well develop a bit of phobia.Worth watching.

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    This is a great show which besides some of the mediocre re-enacting, is almost perfectly presented. I only have a couple real complaints about it. If anything I wish that "ACI" covered even more about the investigations as they can sometimes go on for years. I would think that being a NTSB investigator would be an amazing job although it's sad it has to come to that. It must be very rewarding for those trying to figure out what went wrong & explaining to those who both survived, & to those that have lost loved ones exactly what happened. This is one of those shows that has stories that are absolutely astounding that cannot be made up, otherwise you wouldn't believe it. (The pilot outside, Air France hostages, Hawaiian airlines losing their top, the mid-air collision etc.) I would hate to wish for more accidents to happen, but unfortunately that is the only way for us to learn about them and make them safer. I know it's all about money, but why every system doesn't have at least 1 redundancy (2 for the major systems such as the hydraulics) built in, is beyond me. You can't put a price on these people yet we do it every day. Anyway love this show & for anybody trying to expand their knowledge as well as being entertained, this is the show for you.

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    I like this series. Being a pilot, I'm aware of when an aviation related program is nonsense or not, and most of the facts presented in this program are fairly accurate. It's a relief that it isn't all nonsense.The facts seem to be presented in such a way that the average non-pilot can understand what happened.Seeing this program makes you want to stay home and not travel, although statistically speaking, if one must travel, air travel is the safest way to go, with the exception (in North America) of the train.One episode you'll want to avoid is 'Blow Out', unless you want a headache. It's an hour of mostly camera shaking, when it is unwarranted.

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