Jungle Cubs
Jungle Cubs
| 05 October 1996 (USA)

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    Undescribable Perfection

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    Good movie, but best of all time? Hardly . . .

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    Best movie of this year hands down!

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    what a terribly boring film. I'm sorry but this is absolutely not deserving of best picture and will be forgotten quickly. Entertaining and engaging cinema? No. Nothing performances with flat faces and mistaking silence for subtlety.

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    I absolutely love the first Jungle Book film, not so much the sequel. The show is very entertaining indeed, something to keep me amused in the morning. The animation is mostly lovely, with beautiful colourful backgrounds, but I have seen better animation in shows like Darkwing Duck and Talespin. The music is very nice indeed, quite catchy and well-sung. The characters are funny and charming, it was very nice to see those from the first film as children, and through them we as an audience learn powerful messages of friendship, loyalty and bravery. I did notice though that throughout their run, the animation style did change slightly. What I loved most about Jungle Cubs was the humour that will keep kids amused. A good example is in the episode when Bagheera loses his voice where Louis says something along the lines of "He is like a python, except just without the squeeze." And the voice acting, especially from Jason Marsden, was excellent. Of course the show is mainly for kids, but being 17, I was really entertained and I wish it lasted longer. 8/10 Bethany Cox

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    Genre: Cartoon TV series based on "The Jungle Book" film and book about the main animals as children.My thoughts: This is surprisingly close to the books! In this TV series, the characters mention the Jungle Law quite a lot while not AT ALL in the film, for one thing. I bet Rudyard Kipling would tingle in delight when he'd hear the characters mention the Jungle Law if he were around today! Oh well. The fact that it isn't ALL THAT similar to the book isn't SHOVED IN YER FACE like in the film, save a few points with King Louie, but they are still good! Shere Khan actually being pretty good with the other characters and hanging out with them might have actually happened before the books (Shere Khan isn't ALL THAT BAD in the books), well, it would not, but it is not impossible! I also like the attitude of the characters, they have more personal attitudes and characteristic backgrounds than in the film. There is also an episode actually BASED on an adventure in the 2nd book!! I like that. I have only watched three episodes from the second series, but I'm sure series 1 and the rest of series 2 are good too! These are my thoughts.Who I recommend this to: People who liked the books and who DIDN'T like the film and for people who haven't watched the film OR read the book (those people out there, you HAVE to read the book)! Enjoy!What happens: In each episode, the animals in the film are kids and have lots of exciting adventures..!

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    I really liked this cartoon for the first season or two, until the style of animation changed. This one took place before the film, when all of the characters were cubs. Stephen James Taylor provided some nice music and there was even a song thrown in from time to time. The cast was very good, and special attention must go to Jason Marsden, who was absolutely perfect as the young Shere Khan. That role fit him like a glove. I still have some of the episodes from the first season and still enjoy them.

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