Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks
TV-MA | 08 April 1990 (USA)
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    Highly Overrated But Still Good

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    An Exercise In Nonsense

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    Lucia Ayala

    It's simply great fun, a winsome film and an occasionally over-the-top luxury fantasy that never flags.

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    One of the film's great tricks is that, for a time, you think it will go down a rabbit hole of unrealistic glorification.

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    Lewis The LAPA

    The mystical forests, the quirky inhabitants, the wacky but brilliant wisdom of Dale Cooper, the evil, sadistic BOB, And even the incredible cherry pie and coffee! I could go on for hours about this masterpiece...But I won't, and I'll try and pour my love of this show into a few paragraphs to save your sanity from melting away. Anyway, relax, sit back, and enjoy!Twin Peaks is a show that came out in the year of 1990 and has captured the hearts and minds of the millions who have watched it since the 8th of April that very year.I discovered Twin Peaks a lot later on, seeing as I wasn't born for a number of years after the show began and sadly cancelled a year later (even though Fire Walk With Me came out in 1992, a must see for any avid Twin Peaks fans out there!) but when I did eventually see it all those years later, I was instantly fascinated by it and everything it stood for, even though at first I was a bit confused as to what the hell was actually going on! But nevertheless, I decided to watch the Pilot again, and THAT was the time I fell into the town of terror and wonder that Twin Peaks is.For most of the 29 episodes (not including the brilliant pilot) that the show ran for it was the best thing on TV at the time, it was compelling, intense, quirky, and unpredictable . What other secrets did Laura Palmer have?, who is this BOB bloke? Who the heck is this little guy who talks backwards and dances to jazzy music? These were the questions that filled our heads for the entirety of the First Season as we followed Cooper, Sheriff Truman and the rest of the gang as they tried to figure out who killed Laura Palmer, Not only this, but we had the many crazy and sometimes ridiculous side stories going on at the same time, such as Ben Horne and Catherine Martel's plan to blow up the sawmill. It worked superbly and seamlessly, but then it came to an end, at least for a while.Season 2 started out strongly, as the investigation on Laura's murder carried on from Season 1, but after the reveal of the killer in episode 14, their hiding in plain sight in episode 15 and then the outcome in episode 16, we are treated to some painfully lame and boring episodes that are just there to fill the required amount of episodes that ABC wanted, this went on for a while as David Lynch, the co-founder of the show and general wacky genius, departed from the TV show and went on to work on other projects.But after all of the mundane rubbish we had to go through we reached the final few episodes that completely save the second half of the second season from complete obliteration, Including my personal favourite episode, Episode 29, the finale, where we are treated to an hour of some of the greatest TV of all time, all spearheaded by Mr David Lynch. Its such a shame that not even this could prevent the inevitable cancellation. But nevertheless, the show was brought back 26 years later (pretty much what Laura predicted) which was received with mixed but mostly positive reviews. But for me, it still pales in comparison to the wonder that the original possessed

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    Twin peaks at first is like a lot of David lynch's work. Let's say you need to watch most of his films 2 times round to get an understanding of them. When I watched the pilot for the first time I felt like I was a part of the twin peaks community. The show does such a great job in combining genres. From the pilot to the last episode of season 2 I was intrigued by everything. I think the reason for me being so intrigued by twin peaks is not quite understanding everything at first and then later on having it all make sense. A big part of twin peaks is the beautiful soundtrack by Angelo badalamente. Without the soundtrack twin peaks I think would be very different as each scene has a stylish song playing to set the scene. For example the black lodge has the arm dancing to badalamete's dance of the dream man. Twin peaks is by far my favourite tv series and really do hope lynch makes a fourth series.

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    SPOILER: I'd just started watching the 2017 version of Twin Peaks, but realised that I was a little hazy about some of the characters from the old series, so I've just binge-watched all 30 original episodes. Like many - probably millions - I bailed a few episodes into season 2 when the killer of Laura Palmer was revealed and Maddie too had been killed back in 1991. So good was Ray Wise as Leland that when he left the series, much of the interest went with it, leaving Season 2 floundering rather in an attempt (it now appears) to rebuild. I had hoped that I'd missed out on some brilliant TV. In the main,I didn't.Series 1 is fine - sufficiently Lynchian to be interesting, but also promising in its pastiche of daytime soaps and teen drama. The first few episodes of Season 2 are superb, chilling and shocking, even if the "Bob" character doesn't quite have the power it once did, although Piper Laurie in Japanese drag may be enough to spit across the room.The rest of season 2 - except a great final episode - are a bit of a trial. The pastiche feeling has gone, the oddness of Cooper's character suppressed into a series which is at times awful, and at other times so broadly comic - without really being funny - as to be ridiculous. Nadine, for instance, becomes a teenager and develops super strength while Richard Horne loses his mind and becomes convinced he is General Lee. Elsewhere, characters have personality transplants. Audrey changes from dangerous teen tease into a pillar of the community in about two episodes. Pete - it turns out - is s chess genius. These are just a few examples. It's all a bit horrific. In a bad way.In short, Twin Peaks, while fondly remembered, was actually pretty terrible for almost half it's entire running length and while some of the performances still stand up - MacLachlan, Beymer, Fenn and Wise in particular - it probably would have been a better series if all the other hands on the tiller in season two hadn't flailed around trying to find a series of plot lines, and more importantly a tone - that worked. The first 15 or 16 episodes, it has to be said, are unlike anything ever seen on TV, however. Definitely a series of two halves.

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    Rick Black

    When it comes to television there are many shows you can call classic. There is also shows you can call influential. Most of all there is very few shows you can call groundbreaking. "Twin Peaks" happens to be all that however its also a show that went off the rails fast. Season 1 every episode was great. There was something in every episode that was jaw dropping. Season 1 was also "Not as popular" as you think it was. The first episode was. That was the 2 hour feature length pilot. It aired on Sunday Night. The next 6 episodes aired on Thursday's at 9.It was a tough time slot. It aired opposite "Cheers". The first weeks episode was highly rated. However the next 5 weeks the show kept losing viewers. Things looked "Murky" for another Season. The last episode was moved to the 10:00 pm time slot on Wednesday! Mark Frost had to push ABC into letting him know about another season. He didn't want a cliffhanger. He was going to solve the mystery if it wasn't renewed! He was editing the final episode up to the last minute. The show was only picked up for another season because FOX (and possibly a cable channel) was interested in picking up the show. The final episode of season 1 did win its only Wednesday Night time slot. Things were looking great for the shows 2nd year. Because it won its Wednesday Night Time Slot everyone was shocked that ABC schedule the show for Saturday Night at 9:00 for the 2nd Season. Everyone thought it would play on Wednesday at 10:00. However what people seem to forget that episode still had 50% less viewers than the pilot episode. Thus the problems for season 2. When Season 2 aired each episode kept losing viewers. ABC forced the creators of the show to "Solve" the mystery of "Who Killed Laura Palmer". The show fell apart after that. The next 6 episodes were a mess! There was no longer a mystery. When the show found its footing again it was too late. A last ditch effort to save the show. ABC re-scheduled the show back to Thursdays at 9:00. However not only did "Twin Peaks" have compete with "Cheers" there was a new show on FOX that was getting the young crowd. That show was "Beverly Hills 90210". "Twin Peaks" ended up being the lowest rated show ever (up to that time) in that time slot. ABC canceled the show. The final 2 episodes aired as a movie on Monday Night after the television season was over.The show was great in Season 2 until they solved the mystery. After that it was just another soap and not a very good one at that. The final episode (Directed by David Lynch) was great. However it did end on a cliffhanger. That cliffhanger was left unsolved until 2017. In all if you have never seen the show you should. Watch the television shows then "Fire Walk With Me". I loved "Fire Walk With ME". To me that was much better than any of the season 2 episodes!Don't get me wrong season 2 is still good television. Its far better than the shows that ABC puts on today. Its just that the 2nd season had to compete with the 1st season. Even 26 years later Season 3 of "Twin Peaks" is still competing with season 1

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