Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana
TV-G | 24 March 2006 (USA)
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    the audience applauded

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    It's an amazing and heartbreaking story.

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    Sameer Callahan

    It really made me laugh, but for some moments I was tearing up because I could relate so much.

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    The film's masterful storytelling did its job. The message was clear. No need to overdo.

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    Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) is hiding a secret that only her family, brother Jackson and father Robby Ray (Billy Ray Cyrus) knows about. She is pop star Hannah Montana. In her normal life, she is at the lower rung of the middle school social ladder with her best friends Lilly Truscott (Emily Osment) and Oliver Oken (Mitchel Musso). She is forced to reveal to Lilly in the pilot and eventually to Oliver who is obsessed with Hannah. In the second season, they start high school. Rico (Moises Arias) is the diminutive demanding kid who runs the beach food stall.The secret identity is a pretty good concept. It's another wacky kids show and Hannah Montana is the next big Disney kid character. Miley is a nice all-around performer. Emily and Mitchel are the wacky friends. Everybody is wacky fun. It has a couple of good years but it eventually wears thin. The outside world of Miley's real world persona starts infecting the show. The show couldn't really continue as it was by the end. This is another big Disney character for good and bad.

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    Gavin Cresswell (gavin-thelordofthefu-48-460297)

    Let's just say that I saw some of the episodes of Hannah Montana and I thought they were decent with some funny humor. But then, as the show went on, it started to become repetitive because some of the characters had no personalities other than being one-dimensional morons! At least the show had ended a year ago. Don't get me wrong, it had a very decent premise, but it was just executed so terribly.Hannah Montana was alright in some of the episodes, but later becomes annoying and comes across as somewhat boring and unrealistic to the children. My favorite character, out of all the others who were also unrealistic, was Miley Cryus's father Billy Ray Cyrus because he teaches his daughter some lessons in order to help her out with her situations. He also gave me some goofy hilarious moments throughout the show.Mitchel Musso and Emily Osment were very decent, Moises Arias can sometimes be funny, but later becomes so annoying and uninteresting. The rest of the cast were OK, but nothing special.The show has some pretty good songs, including the theme song, "I Learn From You", and more, but only some of them became unrealistic and repetitive.Overall, Hannah Montana isn't as bad as everyone thinks it is, but with better original songs, better characters, and better episodes, it would've been so so much better!

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    ...doing that is next to impossible, considering how outrageously annoying she is. My point is that Miley is the only truly terrible character on the show, all the others have something that makes them likable: Rico and Jackson are hilarious, Lily is really sweet, Oliver is enjoyably goofy and Robbie (Miley's dad) is just an overall swell guy.The problem is that Miley, being the main character, basically runs the show into the ground. Her constant use of "Say what?", among other inexcusables (is that a word?) is just so plain annoying that I just get and overwhelming desire to break something. Miley is cruel, egoistic and actually not that cute when you think about it.One thing I do notice, however, is that the show's basic premise actually isn't half bad, it was just executed badly.Also, Miley wearing a blonde wig as Hannah is an absolutely ridiculous notion. There is no way she wouldn't be recognized in the real world.You could argue that her disguise is no worse than any other character with a secret identity, like Superman, but you'd be wrong. Removing Clark Kent's glasses would be like removing the stars from the American flag, so screw suspension of disbelief, Superman predates it. He gets a free pass to be wearing the the same completely unbelievable disguise 70 years later.Miley, however, does not, not in the slightest.That said, the show has a fair share of funny moments, mostly thanks to Jackson, Oliver and Mr. Stewart who actually are funny, but for the most part it's cruel, overly sarcastic and learns terrible lessons.

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    This is great! At first I didn't like the Idea how a girl can be so funny. But accidentally watching some episodes I realized this is darn good.For me the whole cast is soo funny! And the Iconic title song is fun too!It's a great relief to watch mild , humor without references for someones genitals.Some complained the show was getting boring in the mid of 2nd season.But I say hold on!there's much more goodies to come!,Especially in the 3 rd season.Its a family TV show which is funny!.I wouldn't say a comedy! because this different from a normal comedy you will see.This is fun, soo fun.Miley's dad is soo funny too!He's my favorite.Definitely 8/10!

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